Gilchrist Glow Gallery – Year Two

Look at these two happy little munchkins, with Addie’s pink monkey all set up for the photos this morning.

Came in to my office this morning and found three more giant gallon-size ziplock baggies full of can tabs, just waiting for me on my desk. Don’t even know who dropped these off, but thank you!

Tonight after school and work, we met up at Takko in Market Square for dinner. We had a little card for a free kids meal that Emerson earned for all her reading at school during the third nine weeks, and she was so excited to get to use it. Their kids meals are actually priced really good though, and their food is so good!

I got the sticky chicky taco, and an avocado tempura taco, and wow both were so stinking delicious. I literally always get the sticky chicky one, and change out the second one, so this was the first time I’ve tried the avocado one, but I really loved it.

Then after dinner, we went over to Gilchrist for the yearly art show and glow room. Emerson loved finding her art amongst all the framed pictures, and pointing it out to all of us!

Those little hand prints on the top right are hers, and she was so proud to tell us how they did all the hand prints and colors and squares and everything.

And the the coolest part is always the glow-in-the-dark projects set up in the art room with tons of black lights all over the place. Emerson had two pieces in this room, and we made sure to find them both. (And here is the post from last years’ glow room.)

There was an ice cream truck parked at the school tonight, and of course the girls both reallyyyy wanted ice cream. But instead of 2 items for $10, we made a stop at Publix on our way home for BOGO Blue Bunny treats, where we got 2 whole boxes of things for $10. So they shared a little cup of Italian ice when we all got home, while watching Bluey, and then the little girls were very sleepy and ready for bedtime.

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