Holding Hands

Gonna make this short and sweet, since it’s almost 10pm already. We did all make it back to work and school as scheduled today, with no hiccups or issues.

And then everyone had an uneventful day at work and school, which is pretty much a good thing… Once I picked up my girlies, they were so sweet and holding hands for pretty much the whole ride from school to church.

Loved this amazing sunset tonight once we got to church.

We had a great night at church, and then had two very sweet, sleepy sisters when we finally made it home.

I loved the sweet little pigtails Ms. Jessica did in her hair today at school.

Both girls are sleeping now, but only one is in her own bed (Addison, surprisingly), and the other one is sound asleep in Mommy’s big bed (Emerson has been scared at night the last few nights). So we’ll let her stay there a while, and carry her to her own bed when it’s time for me to get in the bed.

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