Around the World We Go

Look at this tiny fashionista! Her little leopard vest and matching leopard shows (with a kitty face on the toe!), is just too cute! Jeff said she looked like a grown-up fancy lady meeting her friends for brunch. And I totally agree. Also, don’t her little cheeks look so sweet & chubby in this first picture?!

And wow this pose!

And these sweet curls!

She took a really great nap today, for 2 hours and 22 minutes. So great!

Beautiful sunlight through beautiful live oak trees.

We ran home super fast today, and shared a few chicken nuggets for an appetizer. Emerson ate four nuggets all by herself!

And then we went back to school, for Growing Room Travels Around the World. All the teachers decorate their classrooms like a specific country, and then between the teachers and the parents, there’s a kind of pot-luck of food to go with the theme. For instance, Emmie’s teachers did Jamaica, so we had Jamaican food in her room. Some of our favorites were China, France, America, and Egypt. (Other countries were Ireland, Mexico, Italy, Poland, India, Japan, and Cuba.) The teachers also made & provided a cute little passport, that we got stamped in each room!

These are her current teachers, Ms. Quanicia on the left, and Ms. Bridget on the right. (Emmie was eating a gold coin chocolate from Ireland that another teacher had given her.)

And then that other teacher gave her her very own pot of gold (chocolates) that she was super excited about and carried around for a while.

She kept picking up toys in each room, and each time we had to tell her, “okay let’s put the toys down and go to the next place!”

In most of the countries (classes), she was too busy to take her passport herself, but we finally got her to do it herself, in one of the last two rooms.

By 8pm, we were all stuffed, and Emerson was more than exhausted. It was super fun though, and definitely more interesting this year, since last year she was only 6 months old, and not really into it that much. But this year, she walked from class to class all by herself, tried some of the foods, and have lots of hugs to lots of teachers. Since her Aunt Meggie is the assistant director, alllll the people know Emmie, and allll the people love her. And it’s so sweet and I love it.

And even though little miss priss could barely keep her eyes open, she still insisted on matching to the car on her own.

We had lots of fun tonight, and this is just another example of how much we love our school. We are so blessed and thankful to have Emerson at Growing Room!

On a blogging note that I forgot to mention, yesterday was one year that I started this blog! Of course most of y’all know I blogged for years and years at another blog, but I started Pullen’s Cozy Corner last year on January 23rd, and I’ve loved blogging again this past year! Thank you all so much for reading along too. I love it when y’all like & comment on my Facebook link, and when you tell me in person that you read along. (And friendly reminder, you can “subscribe” and get my post in your inbox, by scrolling to the very bottom of this post, and entering your email.) Thanks for being here!

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