From Sassy to Sweet

Miss Priss was a bit sassy and sensitive this morning when we got to school. She was standing on Megan’s desk chatting, when I tried to check out a little scratch on her forehead, and she just kinda fell/plopped on her but, and got super upset about it. She was sad and crying for a few minutes, but we eventually got her calmed back down and headed to class. She was still a little off though, and you can see that in the stink faces she was giving me in these photos…

And just look at all the big girl things she didn’t school today! Painting! Standing on a stool! Washing her hands in the big girl sink! It’s too cute. And she’s too big. Why is she growing up so much!?

And then apparently they let her wear some gloves while she was getting her diaper changed. She’s the silliest!

We met Grandmommie, Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Keith at McAlister’s for dinner. (Papa is out of town, Mama has a cold & stayed home to rest, & Jeff was working late.) I got a salad with my half sandwich tonight instead of my usual choice of a baked potato, and I felt good about that. Plus, the Savannah chopped salad was delicious!

Also, Emmie’s bad mood/sassy-ness had completely disappeared by dinner time, and she was in such a sweet, happy little mood! And she ate so well at dinner tonight, we were all impressed!

We had a great night at choir, and worked on some good songs. We’ve sung this one before a while back, but we’re doing it again soon, and it’s really, really good.

On the way home, she kept saying “Daddy,” from the backseat. Once we got home, Jeff was there waiting on us, and she was so excited to see her Daddy! we kept her awake for just a few minutes, and she was being so sweet and precious.

We read this tiny stack of books before bedtime, and she loved all of them. She wanted Daddy to put her to bed, so after I said her prayers, he rocked her for a few minutes until she was ready to lay down in her crib.

Jeff and I are now both going to work on our Bible reading plan, so we can catch up a little bit more. During January, we’re reading from Genesis to Deuteronomy, and that can be tough reading sometimes! But we’re working on it, and we’re still actually really enjoying it.

It’s super windy outside tonight, and it started raining a few minutes ago as well. Glad to be safe & warm in my cozy home.

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