Eating Chocolate on the Trunk of the Car

Baby girl woke up early today (6am), but was super sweet just hanging out with Daddy while I got ready. They watched animal videos on YouTube, and she ate four PB cheddar crackers. She then took a fifth cracker in the car, and was asking for more when she finished! She is always super sweet, and always super cute. And I love the little birdie on her booty. Also, she was excited to see her favorite teacher Ms. Q after a 3-day weekend. (And even after all those crackers, she still ate all her grits & pears for breakfast at school!)

I started drinking these Slim Fast shakes for breakfast today, in an attempt to go for something a bit more healthy than my fave bagel loaded with cream cheese. I also had a banana once I got to work.

Her activity report from school today said they talked about colors and animals. During circle time, each kid was given puzzle pieces, and Emmie (and the others) put her pieces in the right spot!

And look at this adorableness!

ut y’all, I could not eat my lunch. The taste-test I did last night was fine, but today I could only stomach about five bites. There was just something about the whole thing today that practically repulsed me. So instead I ate my Smart Pop & carrots, followed by PB cheddar crackers for an afternoon snack.

When Emerson was saying goodbye to Aunt Meggie today, she noticed some treats on her desk and started pointing at them and babbling. So Meggie gave her one Dove chocolate heart, and I let her sit on the back of the car and eat it before loading up.

We had sloppy Joe’s for dinner (and like always, made with ground turkey instead of beef), with enough leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. Emerson was having a bit of a rough time though, and ended up needing to sit in Daddy’s lap for the entire meal. She didn’t eat anything but the pasta we had as a side dish, but she ate 3 small servings of it!

We got her changed into her jammies right after dinner, and started all the bedtime stuff. She was still pretty fussy and whiny, and only wanted daddy, so he did the bedtime reading tonight, with about 4 repeats of the “Dada” book.

She wanted to be laid down in her crib pretty much right away, but then continued to whine and wimper for a while. It was super pitiful, but she fell asleep on her own pretty quickly.

I’m going to wash the dishes now, and Jeff is doing some reading. Once I finish the dishes, I’ll read as well. Our church is doing a read-through-the-Bible plan this year, and we’re both participating. Neither of us is completely caught up right now (reading six chapters a day from Leviticus is tedious!), so we’ll work on catching up tonight.

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