Mom Jeans Goes Grocery Shopping

First thing this morning, Emerson and I cuddled together while watching a little bit of “Balto” on Netflix.

And then we do a little bit of early-morning reading, and a quick tea party, before trying to put on Daddy’s shoes, and then heading out for the morning.

We met our family for a breakfast buffet at the wilderness cabin. Emerson loved not having to wait for the food to be made and brought to the table, and she’ll of sampling a little bit of everything. Then different family members took turns wandering around the restaurant with her once she got antsy in her high chair. She mainly wanted Uncle Bo today though then kept reaching for him.

Emerson is giving the sweetest little kisses these days, and even makes the cutest little smooch noise!

There’s something about these jeans though that just scream “mom jeans” to me! Maybe from the 80’s or 90’s even. She usually wears those little tights that are just denim colored, so these are different for her, and they just kept cracking me up. I kept calling her “mom jeans” all day, like it was her new nickname. They’re still super cute though of course!

She napped for about an hour and a half, and then woke up ready for lunch. We ate a very distinguished meal of bagel bites and had a tea party on the coffee table. (While the bagel bites were cooling, she loved her puppy and looked at my new coloring book with Daddy.)

And before she even really finished eating, she was back to playing and making a big mess. We read a lot of books, then she got her buggy and went grocery shopping all over the living room. She was picking up things from all over the place and putting them in her buggy, and she was just being so cute and silly and funny. I kept talking to her about grocery shopping in her mom jeans, and it was just too fitting!

Took a break from grocery shopping for snack time…

We ran a few errands late this afternoon, at Old Navy, and then went to Costco with Jeff’s mom. Emerson was getting a little fussy though, so we got her a book and let her check that out in the buggy while Daddy was looking through the clothes. (He was returning/exchanging a jacket his mom got him for Christmas.)

We then ran back to our side of town to get our Walmart grocery pick-up order. While Jeff parked in the pickup spot, I went in the store to pick up this chalk paint and brush. Out of nowhere today, I decided I wanted a project, by painting the little table between the kitchen and living room. We bought it off Craigslist a couple of years ago, and it has kind of a crappy stain job on it, so it definitely needs to be redone. I’m not sure when I’ll have the time to do it, but I really wanted to go ahead and get this paint today. I’ve never used any chalk paint before, but I’ve heard this stuff is good, and it was only $12 for the brush and the paint! I’ll make sure to take a few before and after pictures whenever I do the project, but it will probably be a few days at least before I get started.

Emmie wanted to help carry in the groceries, so we gave her a bag of just hamburger buns that was super light so she could carry it.

My sister got me this hanging copper basket off my Amazon list for Christmas, and we hung it up today. it will look better if we ever actually paint our cabinets white, but for now I like it just fine.

We had chicken alfredo with carrots, peas and broccoli for dinner, and I also “meal-prepped” some Trader Joe’s chicken apple sausage and riced cauliflower for my lunch for the next few days. (Never had either before my taste-test tonight, but I’m trying to find super easy and healthy things I can take to work for lunch.)

This was what I snuck a peek of during prayer time. Melt my heart!

this was actually a package of five, but after dinner, I cut open one so that Jeff and I could each try it, and of course Emerson wanted to try it too. She kept signing “more more,” and she ended up eating all but about three bites!

We did a quick bubble bath before bedtime, since she got alfredo sauce in her hair at dinner time.

Then we read three or four books before bedtime. Her favorite once again was “Dada,” and we read it twice. She was upset when I told her we were done, but she was able to calm down much quicker tonight than last night. She actually ended up in bed about 20 minutes earlier than usual, after a big day full of lots of play.

I got all of the dishes washed and the living room tidied up again after she had strewn her toys all over the place earlier. I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls while I blog, and I also just finished painting my fingernails a minute ago. Jeff is at a deacon’s meeting at church, but he should be done and home soon. I’m going to read for a little while until he gets here, and then I’m sure we’ll watch something on Netflix before heading to bed early. We really enjoyed our extra day off of work to spend together as a family!

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