Sunday Fun Day

Well, Emerson didn’t wake up quite as early today, so that was good. But instead, Jeff woke up with a migraine. So he stayed home from church to sleep it off. But since I had to be at church 30 minutes early for praise team rehearsal, I ran by my parents’ house so they could take care of Emmie until it was time for Sunday school. The easiest option was just to switch cars (so they could keep mine with the car seat), so I got to drive my mom’s cool Jeep Wrangler to church, which I had actually never driven before. I used to have a Jeep Liberty that I loved, but driving the Wrangler feels more like a truck than an SUV. But I liked it!

And while I was singing at praise team rehearsal, Emerson got to have breakfast with Grammy and Pepaw at Dunkin Donuts. my mom told me that they first gave her a glazed donut hole, but once they gave her a blueberry and chocolate one, she realized those were more delicious and didn’t want the glazed anymore. She also loved sharing my mom’s bacon, egg and cheese Wake-Up wrap!

After church, we went to gordo’s for lunch with my mom (my dad had a meeting at church), Grandmommie, Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Keith. Emerson colored for a while, and acted silly, and then started getting antsy. So her & I wandered around the restaurant a bit. And then she started getting really mad & angry, and having a fit, so as soon as my food came out, I scraped it into a to-go box, and we hit the road for home.

She fell asleep for about 10 minutes in the car…

And I quickly scarfed down my food after laying her in her crib….

But she would not go back to sleep. She does this thing where if she has a tiny cat nap in the car, she thinks she’s slept enough, and doesn’t need to nap at home. It’s my worst nightmare most days. And that’s what happened today. So after leaving her in her room just chatting & babbling for about 20 minutes, we just got her out to play for a while until she tired herself out.

Then around 3:30, we actually got her to take a nap! It took a while for her to chill out & sleep, but she ended up napping until 5pm.

While she napped, I finished packing and organizing all of the Christmas decorations into tubs and boxes, and stacked it neatly to be moved to the closet tomorrow. This is all of it, plus three of those ornament containers, oh and the tree is already boxed up and in the hallway.

And I finally got my dining room neat, tidy and pretty again, almost a month after Christmas. There was all sorts of mess and clutter and decor and hoopla everywhere, and now it feels so nice again! Bring on the spring time! Now I just need to finally take down the Moana poster from Emmie’s first birthday party last July. Haha.

After Emmie woke up from her nap, we went out for a couple quick errands, and grabbed dinner at Dreamland BBQ while we were out & about.

And then since we were so close, we stopped by my parents’ house for a quick visit with them. We got to warm up in front of their nice toasty fireplace. And my mama gave Emmie cookies for dessert.

Once we got home, we got Emmie dressed in a nice warm set of fleece footie jammies, and got ready for bed.

We then read about four books before bedtime. Her favorite tonight was “Dada” by Jimmy Fallon, which we read three times, because she loved all the animal sounds. (I had moved her favorite “Where’s Spot?” book to the living room, since it’s too exciting for bedtime. But I put four others on the nightstand for tonight.)

But then she fought bedtime tonight, so. hard. Jeff rocked her for about 10 minutes, then I rocked her for about 10 minutes, but she didn’t want to be held. She was fighting and crying and just wouldn’t calm down. She reached over for her crib so I laid her down, but that just made her more mad. We left her to “cry-it-out” for 10 minutes, but she just cried the whole time. So I went back in and picked her up. The “cry-it-out” method doesn’t actually work for her, in that she won’t put herself to sleep afterwards. But! She will wear herself out enough to let me hold her. As soon as I picked her up, she said her head on my shoulder. I rocked her and soothed her and kissed her for a few minutes, and then she was out like a light. It took over 30 minutes to get her down tonight, but poor little girl is finally sound asleep! Now, just crossing my fingers she sleeps through the night!

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