Dancing at Dinner

Emerson decided she needed to surprise us today I waking up super early. So we were up by 6 am. Well Emerson and I were up by 6 am, but Jeff got to sleep in until 8:15. Emerson sat in my lap and watched Frozen for about 20 minutes first thing this morning, but then by 6:30 she was playing food truck and sitting in her unicorn chair and making a giant mess in the living room. She pulled out about 15 books, five different toys, and about ten different stuffed animal friends.

By 8:15 a.m. though, we were super hungry, so we went to wake up daddy. He came to play with Emerson, so that I could make pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast!

Those two smaller ones on the bottom of the skillet above, are the ones I make for Emerson. She usually will eat one, and we save one for Sunday morning breakfast, so I don’t have to cook for her again before church. But today she saw me put Nutella on one of my pancakes, and wanted to try it as well. Jeff said it was a mistake, because we know how obsessed she is with sugar, but we let her try it too. And of course she loved it! She ate them super fast, and kept doing the sign for “more.” She ended up eating two whole pancakes, both with a thin layer of Nutella. (I did at least try not to slather it on too thick.)

Oh and she had some more pink milk with her breakfast this morning.

After breakfast, the three of us played around in the living room for a while, watching music videos on YouTube of one of our favorite bands, Walk off the Earth, and Emerson was just dancing away wearing her little vest over her pajamas. (Wow that was a run-on sentence…)

But then since she had woken up so early, she was getting really tired not too long after breakfast. So by 9:45, she was already sound asleep in her crib for a morning nap. While she napped, I washed a ton of dishes, and Jeff folded a ton of clothes. Then we worked together to continue putting away the Christmas decorations, since we’ve been severely procrastinating that for the last few weeks. We didn’t completely finish, but we will be able to finish the last few things tomorrow.

Emerson napped for right at two hours, and woke up shortly before noon. She’s had a snotty, runny nose the last few days, so when she woke up after her nap, her hair was all sweaty and matted and snotty. So today she had a midday bath, instead of a nighttime bath.

Once she was dry, dressed, and warm, we took her 18-month photos, only a week and a half late!

This joyful little girl is 18 months old! #emersongrows❤️ She weighs 18lbs 14oz (7th percentile), and is 30inches tall (6th percentile). She’s a petite little thing, but the girl is all about her snacks! (Please notice the pretzels in these photos…)

This past month she learned a lot about animals, and can hoot like an owl, roar like a lion (or dino), and we’re working on barking like a dog. She can also point at & identify a few other animals.

We ran a few errands after lunch at home, one of which was getting Pretzel’s nails trimmed at Petco. Emmie loved seeing all the other doggies, and was litterally ooing & ahhing over all the puppers.

We also ran to Home Depot with Jeff’s mom, to help her look for paint samples. They’re thinking about painting their living & dining room, and we’re thinking about painting our dining room.

We came back home, so that Emerson could take another nap. She slept from about 3:30-4:30pm, while Jeff and I just tested & decompressed and chatted and enjoyed the flooding rain & dark living room.

Then since we had had a light lunch, I was starving by 4:45. By 5:30 we finally decided to head out and do something about it. On the way there, we called my parents to see if they wanted to meet us there. And they did! We had delicious (if slightly expensive & over-priced) dinner at Burger-Fi, followed by yummy (budget-friendly) Blizzard’s for dessert at DQ.

Emerson was in such a good mood at dinner tonight though, and was just being so hilarious! We let her down out of her high chair while we finished eating, and she was dancing non-stop (her fave song of the night seemed to be “Love Shack”), & waving her arms around, and smiling & waving at everyone, and we were all laughing at her silliness so much. She also kept making all these crazy, funny faces. She was just so funny!

Then at DQ, she sat in the middle of the table, and kept spinning around like a baby Lazy Susan, getting bites of each of our Blizzard’s, which of course was also hilarious.

Once we got home, she said a quick hello & goodnight to Pretzel, and then we got her ready for bedtime. We read her favorite “Where’s Spot?” book, two and a half times, plus a couple others, and then she whined & cried because I wouldn’t keep endlessly reading all night. I couldn’t get her to calm down, so we called Daddy in for reinforcements, and he got her down within just five or so minutes.

We did a little more work around the house after getting Emmie to sleep, and started another load of laundry. Well, a load of just my dresses. I like to wash those separate, then hang them up straight away. And Jeff has been reading while I’ve been blogging. It’s almost 9pm now though, so we are going to just settle in and watch a movie on Netflix. Night y’all!

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