Hopkins & Hobby Lobby

Today was pajama & stuffed animal day at daycare, so Emerson got to be super comfy and take her favorite doggie to school! Nana gave her these jammies for Christmas, and today was the first time wearing them. I think they’re adorable, and love that the little bunny is even wearing a sleeping mask.

I finished Jim Gaffigan’s audio book this morning on the way to work, and it was so good! So many good jokes, I literally laughed pretty much the whole time. Four out of five stars.

And so I quickly started my next audio book. This one was recommended by my favorite book blogger/podcaster, Anne Bogel, so it should be good.

Look at the gorgeous sunshine behind this tree this morning!

Emmie took another two-hour nap at school today! Well, two minutes shy of two hours, but that’s close enough! In comparison, she only slept 51 minutes Wednesday, and a “normal” nap at school is usually around 1.5 hours, so 2 is great for her!

And apparently she decided she needed to try to do down the slide sideways…

After work, Nana (Jeff’s mom) met me at Growing Room to pick up Emerson. it was her first time picking her up, so she got to see the school for the first time as well. And Emerson was surprised to see her walking down the hall with me! then we had a little girls dinner at Hopkins, while Jeff was helping out his dad with some computer/projector stuff at their church. Her and I both love Hopkins, but our husbands don’t, so it was perfect to eat there tonight without them.

They have such great plants out front here, and this little alcove is like a little magic fairy garden, with a fountain and everything!

And then we went for a little “window shopping” at Hobby Lobby.

Afterwards, we grabbed dinner for Jeff & his dad, and then went to Jeff’s parents house for just a few minutes. Emmie loved playing with their dogs, and she danced along to some music videos. Then towards the end, she got super tired and finally calmed down. For all of 30 seconds…

We read a few books at home before bedtime, and her favorite tonight (and the last few nights), was “Where’s Spot?” the lift-the-flap book. We read it twice, but that wasn’t enough. She kept reaching for it and signing “more,” but I was trying to stand firm at two repeats, so we don’t get in the habit of reading it 10 times every single night.

She didn’t want to be laid down in her bed, so I had to convince her to lay down on my shoulder. I kept rocking her and rubbing her back (she was upset about the book thing), and eventually she was sound asleep and lightly snoring on my shoulder. It was so sweet and precious.

And now we get three whole days of a long weekend for family fun!

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