Let’s Taco-Bout It

Emerson hopped right on her horsey this morning to take a quick gallop around the classroom. Also, she’s wearing her new pink fox shoes, and I just love them!

I don’t often take and post selfies of me just by myself, but I took this to send to my grandmother, because she got me this new mint sweater yesterday and I wanted to show her. So since I rarely post my own face on this blog, here ya go.

For lunch today, I met my friend Angie and her adorable baby boy MJ, for tacos at Chuy’s. Before babies, her and I went to lunch about once a month, and always loved to try different ethnic restaurants, or different local places. Now, we get together once every 5 or 6 months, which is just not enough!

This was his first time using crayons! (And I totally stole this photo from Angie’s Instagram.)

These next three photos are from her teachers in our parent portal. And, my girl took a 2-hour & 20-minute nap today! Holy smokes! That’s great for her any day of the week, but especially while at school! And I always just love seeing photos of her sleeping on her big girl cot at school.

After school, she just would not let me carry her to the car, because she had to walk out all by herself like a big girl!

While I was cooking dinner tonight, Emerson and Daddy shared a pack of peanut butter cheddar crackers. Emmie ate four of them herself!

Grandmommie got this for Emerson today, so we can mix her up a special pink milk treat whenever she needs one.

Update – we still love silly after-bath selfies together.

We picked a few new books out of our stash for bedtime tonight, and she really loved the lift-the-flap one about Spot. When we got to the last book, she was still trying to lift the non-existent flaps.

After we finished reading, she was upset and kept signing “more more,” because she wanted to keep reading. But I figured we should try to set a precedent now and not keep getting more and more, so we kept it at just three, and eventually I got her to calm down and go to sleep. She’s been going through a bit of an 18-month sleep regression this last week, and waking up one to three times each night. And we’re getting so tired around here! So we’re crossing our fingers and praying we can all sleep through the night tonight!

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