Banana at Blaze

This sweet little girl was just cooing and chatting away this morning, and pointing to all the animals on her sheets.

The sky looked so cool this morning.

This silly little cutie was bundled up all nice & warm this morning, since it’s getting so dang cold again!

At first, she didn’t want me to take her jacket off, then she just wanted to carry it around, so we compromised and she let me tie it around her waist again.

Ever since my sister & her hubby found our they were expecting a triplets (sometime in early September I believe?), they have been trying to sell their house. They currently live in Midway (which is literally midway between Tallahassee & Quincy), and it’s just kinda far away. So they wanted to be closer to someone in the family, so that they can get help more easily once the triplets arrive. So as of today, they’re house is officially under contract! They have quickly begun house searching themselves as well. Please pray with us that this process goes quick & smooth!

After work, we met the fam for dinner before church at Blaze Pizza. As usual, my Mama ordered for me, and I got to just walk in, sit down, and just start eating! Which just feels like such a treat! Grandmommie had brought a banana for Emerson, and that girl ate the entire thing! And the family was impressed to see how much this tiny girl ate.

We had a great night in choir (even though my nose is still stuffy and my voice isn’t quite right), and it seemed like lots of us were just in a funny mood, and making lots of jokes and stuff.

And then I had fun in praise team rehearsal afterwards. Our normal teams got switched up a bit this month, due to some travel last weekend, so tonight I got to sing with a few of my friends that I don’t normally sing with, and I loved it!

This is Zac, our music ministers son, and one of my favorite people. He’s currently in college. He’s fun & funny, and we like to talk about books together (he’s the one that first told me about Crazy Rich Asians, probably 3 years ago). He used to come to our house & play video games with us, before we had a baby, and that was lots of fun.

And this is Anna Katherine, a beautiful high school senior. I’ve known her and her family since she was tiny, and now she towers over me with her long legs & approximately 10″ she’s got on me. (I come up to roughly her armpit.) But she’s always so sweet, and gives me a big every time she sees me, which I love.

Anyways, while I was at church late singing and chatting with Zac, Ashlee (she just finished The Great Alone) & Lisa (neither of us really liked The Great Gatsby) about books, Jeff took Emerson home to get her in bed at a decent time. He had to run into CVS for some meds, and apparently Emerson talked him into some more pink pink while they were in there, so she got another treat tonight. He said they watched dog videos on YouTube while she drank it, and then he read her a few books in her bedroom before prayers & night night time.

And to end the post today, here are her pictures sent from her teachers.

Apparently Ms. Q was joking about having to leave early again today (she did actually do that yesterday), and Emmie got really upset with her. (See first photo below.) But then she told Emerson she was just joking, and Emmie stuck her tongue out at her! (See second photo below.) This girl is just such a crazy mess!

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