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We’re still trying to get a few more wears out of her penguin Tom’s, while it’s still winter. So even though she’s a bit Christmas-y (this is in fact the outfit she wore on Christmas day), I don’t care because the shoes are just too dang cute!

And just look at this goofy girl, getting ready for music time at school! (These 2 were sent by her teachers.)

So I started listening to a new audio book, and it’s hilarious. We love Jim Gaffigan and his comedy routines, partly because of the (mostly) clean content. He rarely curses, and doesn’t make jokes about offensive, inappropriate topics. This particular book is literally all about food, and it’s hilarious. (He also always makes me think of my friend & old college roommate, Bridget, because she first introduced me to him, like 10 years ago!)

After all my driving today & washing dishes tonight, I’m at 35%, and I have legitimately laughed out loud so many times, with some even coming out more like a giant guffaw. A few of the lines I remember were one comparing anchovies to Tom Selleck’s moustache, and wishing that instead of an edible arrangement of fruit, someone would send him a bouquet of meatballs.

On my way to daycare after work, Megan sent me this picture of Emmie up at her desk with her. Apparently Emerson needed a second snack time, so she was having strawberries with Aunt Meggie.

By the time I got there, she was still at the front desk, but now she was eating Ms. Brenda’s Bugles.

At home, we played, read books, and watched some of Frozen for a while, while the shepherds pie was baking.

And since I always try to share positive things, here’s just a slice of real life, and a rare photo of my girl not smiling & happy… My poor girl has been a little fussier than usual these last 3 or so days, and I think it’s because she’s having some snotty-nose-allergy issues (just like Mommy), or possibly cutting a new tooth. She just gets upset more easily, and is more clingy at home. I hate seeing my girl not feel well though, so I’m really hoping she turns a corner here soon.

After dinner, she had bath time…

And then finished up her strawberry milk with Daddy from last night…

And then did some more bedtime reading with Mommy.

I’ve now washed all the dishes, and sorta cleaned the counters (well they’re clean, just cluttered), and I’m going to read while Jeff plays video games. I should be able to finish up my current library e-book, Crazy Rich Asians, then hopefully be able to watch the Netflix movie in the next few days!

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