Pink Milk

Emmie looked so cute in her new outfit this morning! I love the swan on this, and the silver polka dots on the pants.

This was when I asked her about the swan on her shirt, so she looked down to check it out for herself.

And then she noticed the new bulletin board Ms. Q was working on, and had to go check that out for herself as well.

On the way to work, I finished this audio book. Have any of y’all read it? It was super slow for me, and I almost quit a while back, even though I was halfway through at that point, and the whole thing was a measly 5 hours. This is classic, dystopian future where firemen start fires (rather than extinguish them), and they burn books. Seems like a neat concept for a plot, but for some reason I was still bored. Which gave me “reader’s guilt” (which is something I just made up), since it’s a classic novel I felt I was “supposed to like.” Oh well…

At lunch, Aunt Suzanne and I went on another walk around Cascades Park. But since it was cold outside, and I feel like I’m getting a little cold (or at least I’m having some allergy issues with runny nose, headache, and sinus pressure) we kept it rather short and headed back inside where it was warm. Then I ate tons of veggies and ranch for the majority of my lunch, left over from Megan’s baby shower yesterday

Emerson has little field trips to the front desk at school most days in order to spend some time with Megan. And most is that includes an extra snack for her as well. Today Megan shared raisins with Emmie.

And these next four photos are from our parent app. I love to see photos of her napping at school, because she looks like such a big girl on her little cot!

After work, I went back to this old audio book that I didn’t finish from a few weeks ago, since I got the hold back again, and I finished this one today as well. Since I was about 95% through already, it didn’t take long at all to finish today. now I’m putting the second book in the series on hold, so I can listen to that one in a few weeks when it’s my turn. I really likes this first one, and I’m excited to see where the story goes in the next book in the trilogy.

At home, Emerson and I had some play time together, while waiting on Jeff to get home.

She didn’t really eat much dinner, but then she decided she wanted a Pop-Tart afterwards instead. So of course I caved and let her eat it.

Last weekend, while Emerson and I were shopping with my parents, they bought her this little bottle of strawberry milk. She hadn’t had a chance to drink it yet though, so we gave it to her tonight before bed. She just sat there so sweetly and Daddy’s lap, watching Bolt on Netflix, and drinking up almost the whole bottle.

We got her dressed in her pajamas for bed, and when I sat down to rock her, she pointed at her stack of books. So I picked up the one on the top of the pile and read it, but as soon as we finished one and I laid it down, she did the sign language sign for “more, until I picked up another one. When I finally picked up the fourth one, I told her, “okay last one,” and she very sweetly nodded her head and let me turn off the light after that last one. With as many books as we read around the house, we hadn’t gotten into the habit of reading before bedtime. However now that we’re not doing a nighttime bottle, it was like she knew we needed something to replace that as part of her new nighttime routine, and then just decided to start that tonight. And y’all know my book loving heart was more than willing to start that habit with her tonight!

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