Another Triplet Baby Shower

First of all, Emmie did not sleep well last night. She woke up about 3 different times (approx 8:30pm, 12:15am, and 3:15am), just kind of whining & fussing. We took turns checking on her and rocking her and calming her down, but those nights are rough on all of us. So I’m praying hard for better sleep tonight x especially since her nap was just over an hour long this afternoon…

Anyways, Emerson is really liking the new animal we got her at Five Below last night. And since we think we’re clever, we named her Lluna (Llovegood) the Llama.

Emerson learned in Sunday school that Jesus loves her and has a plan for her life. This is her playing in her classroom with her teachers and friends!

This big girl wanted to walk to the car by herself after church. This little dress is so precious, but it makes her look like a toddler, instead of my tiny baby, and I’m not sure how to feel about that!

We were in a hurry after church, so we went through the drive-thru at McDonald’s on the way home. I let Emmie eat her chicken nuggets in the car because 1-she was hungry, and 2-it kept her awake on the car ride.

Then once we got home, we were able to lay her down for nap time immediately, since she had already eaten, and she was very exhausted. She went down around 12:40, and my Mama came by to pick me up at 1:45, for another triplet baby shower, this time at Megan’s church! Her friends there did an excellent job with all the food & decorations, and Megan & Bo racked up on so much more great stuff!

Some of you probably remember this, but my sister made “jokes” when I was pregnant about wanting my baby to end up being sassy like she is. (Believe me, Meg is definitely the sassy one of the two of us.) So for one of my baby shower gifts, she got a onesie made that said, “Sassy like my Aunt.” And of course it was adorable, and once Emerson could finally fit into it, the two of them had a little photoshoot. (Here’s just one photo of them from March 2018, when Emmie was 8 months old.)

But the thing is, it turned out to not be a “joke,” because y’all, Emmie is sassy! We like to say Megan prayed to hard for that one, because it worked too well! So now that it’s HER turn, I am praying for a triple dose of sassiness, and got three onesies made that say, “Sassy like my Mama.” This was her reaction to opening them today.

After Emerson woke up from her nap, Jeff brought her over to the church for the baby shower as well. She ate a chocolate chip cookie, and watched Aunt Meggie and Uncle Bo open their gifts…

…until she decided she needed to get up there on the stage and help them out for a bit.

Emmie wanted Uncle Bo only for a little while after it was over.

All the lovely ladies from their church who did this shower for them today! (Plus Emmie, because she still wanted only Bo.)

We got all their stuff loaded up in four different vehicles (they got enough diapers & wipes to fill up the entire back of my mom’s Jeep, with the seats folded down), and even Emerson helped carry stuff to the cars. This is my mom’s jeep, and that’s only diapers and wipes!

Then she held my hand in the car on the way home.

I wanted a photo with her today, since our dressed were coordinating, but she wasn’t feeling it, and this is just about the best we could accomplish.

And this was the best photo I could get of her outfit today. I really wanted a good one of her dress and boots, but it just didn’t quite work out too well.

Jeff stayed home to attempt to get Emerson to sleep a little bit more late this afternoon (even though she really wouldn’t), while I went to Megan’s house with her and my mom to help unload and organize all of the goodies from today. (And it was a good thing that I went, because between my mom’s still-broken hand, and Megan’s large pregnant belly, both of them needed all the help they could get!) We worked really hard 4 a little over an hour, and got all the things sorted, hung, shelved, and organized. My mom is taking her car load of diapers and wipes to her house for now, since Megan and Bo are running out of space in their own house.

Once we finished up with all the stuff, I headed back to my house where Jeff and Emerson and his parents were hanging out. We grabbed dinner and all ate together at the house, since that’s easier than trying to take a fussy baby out to a restaurant. Nana read Emerson a book for a few minutes before bedtime, after she was all cuddled up in her jammies.

We attempted to give Emerson some zarbee’s for her cough and mucus issues, but she was fighting us really hard, and got really worked up over it, so we only got about half of it in her. We decided to give up since she was already super upset and crying. we hadn’t planned on giving her a bottle, but when she was really upset, we were going to give in and do it anyway. So as I rocked her and calmed her down before bedtime while Jeff fixed a bottle, she pointed over to her bed and mumbled a but, then when I asked her if she wanted to lay down, she nodded her head and said, “mmhmm.” So she ended up putting herself to sleep without a bottle of milk tonight! Which is the first night we’ve ever done that in her 18 months of life! I’m so proud of her, and so proud of us! Haha.

Oh, and this is a late Christmas gift we received from a friend at church. Some fancy pasta, with sauce and dipping oil, and a cute cutting board. I tried to open this up and try it sometime soon. Thank you, Linda!

I am now completely exhausted from the day, and honestly feel like I might be getting a little cold myself. I’m cuddled up on the couch, going to watch a little bit of TV with Jeff, and then we’ll probably try to go to bed a little bit early. I need to rest up before a full week back at work!

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