Girls’ Shopping Day

First thing this morning, our day started off with girls’ breakfast at Canopy Road, with my mom and sister.

After we all cleaned our plates, we took Megan’s 26 week bump photo on the side of the building.

be filled up this kids cup with my mom’s leftover home fries, and Emerson was very attached to her cup o’ snacks.

Then the four of us girls went shopping together. Megan is getting maternity photos taken next weekend, and she wanted a new maternity dress for that. We went into Old Navy, where I found a really cute dress on clearance for $10. Then we went to motherhood maternity, and a few other stores in the mall. Although we didn’t find anything there. Then we went to Sparkle by Madison and midtown. And then we hit the jackpot there! She tried on five different dresses, and we all agreed on our favorite.

The end of our shopping trip was around Emerson’s normal nap time, so she was exhausted by the end. She curled up on this little bench with pillows in Sparkle, and honestly got mad when I made her get up to leave!

I got her to eat a few bites of spinach tortellini for lunch, and then she was ready for a nap time. She only slept for about an hour though, so she ended up being a little fussy the rest of the afternoon, since she didn’t get enough sleep.

Since she was being fussy, she was being a little bit of a handful, but we still had fun playing together.

She found this little hat from the summertime in her clean laundry basket, and wear it around the house for a while. She wouldn’t let me little crow the chinstrap, but she still looked so adorable!

After a while, we went back out to run some more errands. We went back to Old Navy since there was so much on clearance, but didn’t end up buying anything this time. We also went to Five Below, because I had a gift card left over from the summer. Emerson was very helpful pushing the little cart around, although she just kept throwing random items in there! We kept having to put things back on the shelves when she wasn’t looking!

We were going to try to meet up with Jeff’s parents for dinner, but they were out furniture shopping, and Emerson was getting grumpy, so we ended up just grabbing Guthrie’s for dinner and going home early.

Emerson got tired of sitting in her seat, then once we got her down she ended up crawling under the table. But she wanted more food, so I kept passing her french fries while she sat under there. She is just so silly sometimes!

We got her dressed and ready for bed just a few minutes earlier than usual, and she was more than willing to curl up and go to sleep tonight. She’s wearing some new Frozen pajamas, even though the pants are humongous on her.

I’m watching Gilmore Girls and painting my nails, while Jeff works on a computer for a friend. I’m hoping Emerson sleeps through the night tonight, since she randomly woke up at 4:15 a.m. this morning. Even though she went back to sleep after about 30 minutes, those middle-of-the-night wake-ups are rough on everyone! So say a prayer we all get a good night’s rest tonight!

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