Good Morning & Good Night

These precious little girl was still sound asleep (and snoring lightly) when I went into her room this morning. There’s almost nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby!

Saying “good morning” to Aunt Meggie at school today.

The first thing she grabbed was a tiny dino. And then a little fire truck.

I love it when hubby calls me at work to ask what I want for breakfast. Especially when we are out of food & coffee at our own house. And this was so indulgent and delicious today.

Here are a few photos her teachers forgot to send of her climbing the stack of cots from yesterday. She is such a crazy little monkey!

I got off work early today, to pick up Emerson for her 18-month check-up. She got weighed and measured, and hates sitting around undressed, so she ran around the room in her t-shirt & shoes. Her check-up went great, and she got her last vaccine shot until she’s 4. Everything went well, and she’s doing great! We were advised to quit bottles now, although she can continue to have hot milk if she wants it, but from a cup instead. So we’ll start trying that tomorrow. (Tonight, I still gave her a bottle, since she was feeling sad & pitiful from her shot.)

After her appointment, we went to the library for a little while. I picked up a few books I had on hold, and we checked out a new one for Emmie too.

Then we met my parents for an early bird dinner at El Jalisco. Miss Priss was a bit fussy after her shot, and refused to sit in her high chair, some took turns holding her.

Then Pepaw let her pick a magazine off the rack outside before we left, and she read it all the way home.

She had a bath once we got home, and we got that bandaid off her leg from her shot.

My tiny girl was exhausted after a big day, and she was in bed by 7:04 tonight!

Jeff was doing more computer work for a friend tonight, and he’s on his way home now. I’ve got a headache unfortunately, so I may head to bed a little early myself, so I can get some rest too.

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