A Good Day For a Jacket

You guys, I just love this little girl. She’s always so silly, and just a happy baby. This morning, she wouldn’t got very attached to her little jacket, and didn’t want to hang it up in her classroom, but just wanted to carry it around with her.

Then Ms. Q tried tying it around Emmie’s waist (the same way she wears it most of the time), and she loved it!

They made paper mittens for craft time today. (Next 5 photos sent by her teachers.)

And apparently she wore the jacket around her waist the entire day! And then she even got mad when Ms. Q put it on her the right way to good outside for playground time. But they must have put it back on her waist after that, because she once again got mad again when I took it off to put her in the car seat to go home.

Her and I made a quick stop for a few things at Trader Joe’s before heading home. I wasn’t planning to grab her a snack, since she was fine, but as we walked through the flowers, she reached over and babbled and needed a banana! She knew exactly where they were, and so apparently that’s our routine! A banana for every Trader Joe’s shopping trip!

While I cooked dinner, Emmie went back & forth from watching Madagascar 3 in her chair, to playing with the alphabet magnets on the fridge next to me in the kitchen.

Jeff is doing some side computer work tonight, so Emerson and I had a Mommy-Daughter dinner date. We had Italian sausage and four cheese ravioli, with Caesar salad.

After dinner, I decided to forgo her every-other-day bath time routine, in favor of some more play time together. And it was a good decision. We hung out in the living room reading books and chatting, and playing tea time, and it was just a sweet time with the two of us.

She had her milk and laid down right away, after giving me a few snuggles and a kiss goodnight. I washed all the dishes (even though I really didn’t feel like it tonight), and started a load of Emerson’s clothes in the washer. I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls while I’ve been blogging, and once I finish the episode and the blog, I’m going to read for a while until Jeff gets home.

And I just realized at the end of writing this, this is another one of those blogs that is completely about Emerson, and nothing else! So I’m glad y’all like reading about her, as much as I like writing about her.

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