Cardiologist, Cookies & Cole Slaw

Had to stop at the front desk as usual, to give Aunt Meggie some loves! Emmie also likes to wave and greet other friends & parents as they walk in. And it his new outfit absolutely adorable! I’ve been loving it so much all day!

Then she wanted to walk herself to her classroom, even though normally I carry her down the hallway.

She picked up the little truck as soon as we were inside the door, then walked over and plopped down, and stuck her foot out when Mrs. Q told her she liked her shoes. What a mess!

I finished the Mary Poppins audio book this morning, and it’s so much different than the movie! (The old one, I haven’t seen the new one yet.) Mary Poppins seems a little more stern (rather than completely playful) in the book, and there are whole adventures and scenes in the book that aren’t in the movie. Of course that’s typical, but the book was just really different. Good, but different. And naturally I want to rewatch the (old) movie again now soon. (I’ll wait until the new one is out on DVD before I see it.)

These next four photos came from her teachers in our parent portal app. The first two are from arts & crafts time (and her eyes look so very sleepy), third one from play time, and the last two are from after she woke up from her short 58-minute “cat nap,” and Ms. Q let her play with her watch.

Y’all know my family always eats together before church on Wednesday nights… Well today our group text got a little silly… But at least we all got a kick out of ourselves!

And since I finished Mary Poppins this morning, I started my next one on the way to Emerson’s cardiologist appointment. My mom actually picked up Emmie from daycare, and then met me there.

I’ve mentioned it before, but since it’s been a while, I’ll recap… Emerson was born with a VSD (ventricular septal defect), which is just a small hole in her heart. We began seeing Dr. Vining (a pediatric cardiologist here in town) since she was just 3 days old, and go back for regular check-up’s. She gets an EKG every time, and an echocardiogram usually every other time. Today was just the EKG.

He continues to monitor and measure the hole, and he is not concerned with it. There is a possibility it will completely close up on its own one day, but even if it doesn’t, she’ll still perfectly fine. (Larger holes often require surgery, but he has never really thought we would need to go that route.) He called hers a “raging heart murmur,” which means blood flows through it fast, making it loud, which is actually a good thing. Also, you can feel it, just by placing your hand ok her little chest, and that is called “a thrill.” (Upon hearing that today, my Mama said, “Did you hear that Emmie? You’re a thrill!)

We will go back again for another check-up in six months, right before her 2nd birthday. Her check-up’s will gradually span further & further apart as she grows up, and eventually we’ll only visit Dr. Vining every couple of years.

After the appointment was over (we were in & out in less than 30 minutes today!), Grammy, Emerson and I went to hang out with Grandmommie. Since she left early, Emmie missed snack time at school, but Grandmommie helped make up for that! Emerson ate two of these iced oatmeal cookies, 2 Ritz crackers, 1 crouton, and a lot of Cole Slaw.

Oh and I since I wanted her to eat something “healthy” with the 2 cookies, Grandmommie gave her a box of raisins, but Emmie just left them in her pocket for a while. Eventually, she ate the whole box on the car ride to dinner, while Grandmommie sat in the back seat with her.

And them at dinner, she ate more food – chicken, fries, & garlic bread.

And she was very helpful pushing her high chair around the restaurant.

We went to church and choir, and then came home with a super sleepy baby. While the milk heated up, she sat on the coffee table just kind of staring at her tea set. And then we tried to figure out the new baby-wearing-carrier thingy we ordered from Amazon. We didn’t quite get it tonight, but we plan to try again tomorrow night, when it’s not so late.

Once again, Emerson barely needed any rocking before she immediately wanted to get in her own crib at bedtime. She has just been such a little angel this week about putting herself to sleep, but it makes it feel like she’s so grown-up, instead of Mommy’s little baby. She IS 18 months old today after all! And every bit a toddler. We’ve already started to have a few little toddler tantrums here and there, and so we’re trying to figure out how to work through those, rather than just giving in to her and her freak outs. so if any of you other Mama have any tips and tricks (for this, or anything really!), feel free to send them my way!

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