To The Moon & Back

This morning was another one of the beautiful sunrises, where everyone was taking & posting photos on Facebook.

At school this morning, Emerson carried in my car keys for me, and then when she didn’t want to give them back, I had to bribe her by switching them out with a set of her own.

There was a substitute teacher in her class when we first got there, and she had been eye-balling her a bit. But when her favorite teacher Ms. Q walked in, she smiled so big!

She wore some new shoes today!

And before this photo, Ms. Q was telling me about another teacher reading to Emmie yesterday, and Emmie kept giving her the stink eye, then finally just plugged both ears with her little fingers! She tried to get a pic, but she never could. So when Emmie heard the story this morning she showed us where her ears are!

My boss Tammy had a big, special birthday yesterday, but took the day off work. So we decorated her office yesterday, to surprise her this morning! She thought that by taking off on her birthday, she could “avoid” this, but we said, “yeah right!”

I also made this cute little lollipop bouquet, with some of her favorite little treats.

She shared her mini bundt java cakes with us for breakfast…

Then we took her out to eat for lunch!

When I got to daycare after work to pick up Emerson, she was going around with Aunt Meggie, helping her with the 5 o’clock count of all the kiddos. This is them checking in on the infant room. (My sissy is currently 25½ weeks pregnant, but her doctor told her last week that her belly is already measuring 36 weeks! But that’s what happens when you have three little girls in there! And you can definitely see it in this side view photo I caught earlier!)

And here’s January on my new Shutterfly calendar! It’s kind of heavy, so it gets three magnets to help hold it up, since I like it on the fridge best. (And yes, we’re missing an “N,” and yes it drives me crazy.) All of the photos on the top are from January 2018, and then the bottom has birthdays noted, with photos of the birthday person & Emerson (i.e. – Grandmommie & Emmie on the 24th, and Mommy & Emmie on the 29th). Plus, on the 9th of each month, is her monthly photo from last year (i.e. her 6-month photo is on her 18-month birthday). I’m very thorough in my calendar making.

We had a simple dinner of chicken, broccoli and white rice. I cooked the chicken my favorite way, a la Pioneer Women – sauteed in 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp olive oil, plus garlic salt and pepper. It makes it so juicy and flavorful, and gives the outside a bit of a crisp.

And tonight Emerson discovered she really likes cran-grape juice. She was going crazy over sharing with Daddy tonight.

After dinner, we did our usual bath, bottle bedtime routine, and this tiny tot was more than ready to go to sleep. But this girl just does not need her Mama to rock her this week. Again, not complaining that she’s been so easy to put to bed, but wow is she growing so fast!

When we went to Emmie’s 15-month well check-up a few months ago, our pediatrician said we could continue bottles of milk if Emmie liked it, and if we wanted to, and if we wanted her to have the extra calories. So obviously we have continued doing it. But tomorrow she turns 18 months old, so I’m wondering if we should try to cut out bottles soon? Does anyone know? We go back on Friday for her 18-month check-up, so I’ll ask about it then. For now though, my girl loves her bottle of hot milk before bedtime.

After she finished her milk, she turned around and laid her head on my shoulder for a few seconds while I said her night-night prayers, but before I could even finish she was already babbling and reaching towards her bed. So I laid her down, and she turned around and gave me this adorable little smile.

Then I covered her up and she snuggled in and got ready to go to sleep. And once again, I haven’t heard a peep from her since!

After dinner, I washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen just like I always do. I don’t enjoy washing the dishes necessarily, but I do really enjoy having the kitchen cleaned up, and I do enjoy listening to my audio-book, so it always makes me feel good to get that done before going to bed each night.

Oh, and since I forgot to include them before, here are a few photos that her teachers sent to us in our parent portal today.

And now that my blog post is finished, and Jeff is working on the computer, I’m going to do a little bit of reading before bedtime.

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