Tiniest Helper

And once again, I was running a little late this morning, so we got to school just in time for Emmie to settle in at the breakfast table.

Her teachers sent me the next five photos from our parent portal app.

For lunch today, my Aunt Suzanne and I went out on a walk! For a few years, we went on a walk together every single Monday (we work in the same State office), and we usually got in about 2.5 miles every time. But then towards the beginning of my pregnancy, I was always soooo tired, so I skipped walking in favor of naps under my desk. (I know some of y’all Mama’s know what that’s like.) And then I was going to pre-natal doctors appointments all the time before baby, and lots of baby doctor appointments after baby. And then I got really into staying at my desk and reading on my lunch break. And all that is just lots of excuses for why I haven’t walked regularly for the last two years. But today we got back out there, and even though sore, it felt great! Like I said before, we used to do about 2.5 miles in 45 minutes, and today we did 1.9 miles I’m 37 minutes, which I was honestly impressed with and surprised at.

Then I ate my chicken salad, Triscuits and baby carrots for lunch, and felt good about my choices!

Yesterday, Jeff did finally take the tree down, but then just left if laying on the dining room floor, womp womp. So when we all got home tonight, he was working on putting it away, Emerson just had to get in there and help him out.

She even helped him carry the box down the hall to be stored in the closet. She’s the tiniest helper, but shes also the sweetest helper.

Then we ate dinner all together, and Emmie played with some of the toys we found in the Christmas stocking from her teachers. She also ate 2 packs of fruit snacks from her stocking.

After dinner, we had some play time, and a video call with the boys. Emmie loves seeing them on the phone and laughs so much at all the silly faces they make. Then she also needed Cheerios for a second post-dinner snack, while watching puppy videos on YouTube. Which is definitely a current favorite.

And once again, Emmie didn’t need Mommy to rock her to sleep. She finished her milk, so I turned her to lay her head on my shoulder, and as I was saying her night-night prayers, she was already pointing at her crib & talking to me about it. So I finished her prayers, and asked for a kiss, and then laid her down in her bed. And she got comfy and has been silent ever since! I’m not complaining about how easily she goes to sleep most nights, but I do miss the snuggles!

I had about an hour left on the audio book I was working on, but it surprised me and expired today, before I could finish. So I went ahead and started on my next one tonight, and put the old one back on hold again.

And my new Shutterfly calendar showed up today! I need to take it to my office tomorrow to use the hole punch, so that I can hang it on my heavy duty magnet on the fridge. So here’s the cover, and once I hang it up tomorrow night, I’ll share the first photo of January. And then I think it’ll be fun to share each new month, on the first day of the month, so I’ll attempt to do that throughout the year.

I’ve washed all the dishes, and cleaned up the kitchen, and once I finish blogging, I’m going to finish up my current library book. I’ve got less than 40 pages left, and I’m dying to see how the end wraps everything up.

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