Bright & Beautiful Afternoon

Emmie took her new doggie and the carrier in the car this morning. Then when we got to church, she had to take it in with is too!

After church, Jeff picked her up from her class, then brought her back into the sanctuary to say hi to all the family. And then she just wandered around like she owned the place.

(Jeff left his hat at my Aunt & Uncle’s house last week, so they brought it to him today. When Emmie saw him carrying it around, she decided she needed to wear it.)

After church & lunch, Emerson and Mommy both took naps for a while, while Daddy played video games. Then we shared a chocolate donut (leftover from church) for a snack once we woke up.

And then since it was a beautiful day, we went for a family walk/stroll around Lake Ella. Emerson absolutely loved seeing all the doggies & ducks. She pointed to all of them, and waved & squealed, and just had a great time.

Then we did some grocery shopping at Walmart on the way home, and as you can see below with her picking out the broccoli, we had a great helper.

Then since the lines were ling, Jeff took her off to distract her while I waited in line to pay. This girl loves stuffed animals!

We had dinner at home, and my baby girl was just so super tired. She went to bed about 15 minutes early, and didn’t even need Mommy to rock her to sleep. I don’t quite know when you’re “supposed” to stop rocking babies, but at almost-18-months, she certainly doesn’t need me to do it anymore! She let’s me do it for just a bit, then sweetly reached over towards her crib to be laid down. She’s just so much a toddler now, and not my itty bitty baby anymore!

After our big afternoon, I’m tired now too, so I think it might be an early bedtime for me too!

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