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Jeff and the boys were up & moving early this morning. Emmie woke up right in time to give everyone hugs & loves (and see Nana since she came to ride with them), before they had to leave. Then we had a simple breakfast of Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts (Emmie’s fave) while watching a little bit of a movie. (You know, for like the 5 minutes she might sit still…)

Then we played for a while, and eventually watched a YouTube video about animals. She loves all animals, and always get so excited seeing one, whether it’s in real life, or even on the TV. This one was about “unlikely relationships” between animals & humans, specifically hyena, buffalo, polar bear, hippo, lion & goose. (People that own/raise these animals!) And once again, Emmie was fascinated, and so was Mommy actually.

After a busy morning of sending off the boys, Pop-Tarts & playtime, my girl was exhausted by 9:30, but I pushed her to stay awake longer. She only lasted till 10:05 though, and she quickly went down for an early nap. And then I plopped my behind down with my blankie in the recliner and watched the Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour special on Netflix. And it was so. dang. Amazing!!! I mean seriously. It was an incredible show, but it was also produced really well for the “movie.” I got choked up/teared up multiple times through the two hours, and even freaked out over some awesome parts. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Pretzel.was such a a good little cuddle dog today.

Then Tater Tot woke up so sweet and happy from her nap!

We both got dressed, and then drove over to pick up my parents from their house for lunch at McAlister’s.

We went to an open house really quick they wanted to see (it was really nice, but not quite what they’re looking for), but it was on a lake in Killearn, and Emmie needed to go with Pepaw to check it out.

We ran a few errands after that, and this baby was just making such cute, funny faces.

We also went to Old Navy, but all we got was one shirt for my Mama. But this girl wanted to try out her skills as a baby model!

We got home right around 3:45, and Emmie was so sleepy again, so she went down for another nap…. And I watched the Taylor Swift show again, haha! We’ll, half of it, until she woke up again. (Um, side note – who will go to a concert of hers with me next time she goes on tour? I’m so sad I missed this one now, and already dying for the next one!)

And this afternoon light was just so gorgeous!

This was her special new treat from Grammy while we were out shopping. It’s a tiny dog inside it’s own little carrying case, and Emmie got really attached to it this afternoon, once she woke up from her second nap of the day. (Which is rare for her these days! The 2 naps part, not the instant bonding with animals, that’s totally normal for her…)

What a little style icon, right? Onesie, no pants, socks AND slippers, and once again with the backwards baseball cap. She’s a mess!

Jeff finally got home a few minutes after 6pm, so we ran to Hardee’s to grab a quick, cheap dinner, since Jeff was wanting a burger. We felt like especially on-the-ball parents tonight, since I brought her fruit & veggies from home, to go with her burger & fries we shared with her.

She was doing a good job eating a some of everything, and a good amount of it too. Then she decided to dip a piece of Mandarin orange into her ketchup! We couldn’t stop her in time, but once it made it to her mouth, she licked the ketchup off, then made a date like it was terrible. But then she did it again! (The photo below was of the second time.)

She had a bath once we got home, and then I chose some nice warm jammies, since it’s getting colder here again. I asked her if she would take one more picture in front of the Christmas tree (before it finally comes down tomorrow), and she walked over and stood there perfectly still, like a little angel babe! I was so impressed with her! (You see her still carrying around her new, tiny doggie?)Emerson and I had a great afternoon with Grammy & Pepaw, and some fun Mommy-Daughter time as well. But we’re also glad everyone made it home safe from driving today.

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