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This is a much more subtle sunrise photo than my usual ones, but still nice & pretty all the same!

Emerson and I were both excited for the temps to finally rise to 70 degrees today, and excited to wear a dress and have her legs free for the first time in weeks, or maybe months! And little girl was in a great mood this morning!

In “normal,” pre-covid times (check out 2019 & 2020), Growing Room hosts an event every January called “Around the World.” Each classroom decorates likes a specific country, and all the parents bring in foods from that country, then we all travel around with a passport snacking on all the delicious things. We obviously can’t do that that year, but they modified it for the kids today. They got their little passports and went on a field trip to the other classes to get their passports stamped, and it looks like they had a good time!

I had a women’s ministry even at church tonight, to kick off a new year of WMU (Women’s Missionary Union) all about doing both small and large missions in our city and around the world. We had a light snack-supper (veggies, tiny quiche, CFA nuggets) and conversation and it was really nice.

I had dropped Emmie off at Uncle Keith’s house so she could hang out with him while Aunt Suzanne and I went out to church (along with Grandmommie, my Mama and Aunt Jane, plus all the other ladies), and eat dinner with him. When we got there, he gave her multiple options to choose from for dinner (dino chicken nuggets, PB&J, cheese noodles, spaghetti, and egg salad), and I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know what she picked…


I picked her back up and we went on home together, and got her ready for bed. She was doing a serious inspection over her Toy Story vitamin gummy tonight, trying to figure out exactly what it was… I honestly couldn’t figure it out, I still have no idea, but she decided it was Woody’s bed. So I mean, hey, why not!?

Bedtime went per the usual tonight, but of course just a few minutes after getting her laid down, we heard some fireworks go off and it scared her so I had to go back in and calm her down again. She’s fine now and I’m pretty sure she fell asleep just a few minutes after that, since it was a later bedtime than usual.

I did end up doing the first coat of the sealant on the record cabinet last night, but you have to wait two hours between coats. So of course I fell asleep before that, so tonight I think I’ll go ahead and get a second coat on, before settling down to rest for the night.

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