Queen of the Turtle

Due to a few random events tonight, I’m just now getting started in my post at 9:03 pm. I’m also developing a bit of a headache. So I’m going to attempt to keep it short today…

Emmie helping Ms. Q at check-in time.

And then this little busy body was all over the classroom this morning!

And then she crawled up here, and played Queen of the Mountain Turtle. You see the dress of another little girl at the far right the photo below? Emmie didn’t even like that girl standing there on the edge, as if she was in her way or something! She is too much sometimes.

Aunt Suzanne and I went on our lunch time walk today, and it was a beautiful day! It was hot, but it was so pretty.

And she really pushed us today! We’re back to our old path, our old distance, but I’m not back to my old speed & endurance. This was hard today! But I was proud of myself.

Here are the photos from her teachers today…

And after work, this cutie baby girl was so happy to see Mommy, and so silly playing hide & seek!

Once we got home, we spread out our quilt again (in the front yard this time because there’s more shade), and participated in day two of the #5x5ReadingChallenge. My two favorites today were “All the Awake Animals Are Almost Asleep” (and really cool, beautiful alphabet book), and “All the World” (which is a really neat rhyming story about a huge variety of stuff, from beaches to gardens to animals to bad days, because all the world does around this way). But Emmie’s favorite was the lift-a-flap book, “Dear Zoo.” She loves flap books!

We came inside, and I got dinner ready while Emmie snacked on Pop-Tarts (she had been saying “eat eat” since I picked her up) and watched kids song videos on YouTube with Daddy.

Bath time after dinner, and this girl is just so cute and sweet! I mean, is there anything cuter than a naked baby in a hooded towel?!

Jeff spent a little time working on the microwave tonight while I bathed Emmie, read her night-night books, and got her to sleep. But he wasn’t able to fix it. He took it out completely (yes, this is a super weird set-up with the microwave underneath the oven, but that’s how it was when we moved in), got behind the fridge, checked the outlet, and couldn’t figure it out. He’s doing some research to see if he can repair it, and I’m really hoping that’s possible. Otherwise, these stupid things are like $150 to replace it with one big enough for this cut-out! Super annoying. So crossing my fingers that my handy hubby can fix it, and not have to replace it.

I’ve already washed the dishes & cleaned the kitchen, and Jeff got a load of towels started in the washing machine.

Anyways, that about sums up the day! Gonna take some Tylenol for my headache, read a bit, and then get to bed!

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