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Man y’all, this morning was so rough. I could not get out of bed! I slept through all of my usual alarms, and finally got up around 8am. For the record, I’m supposed to be at work at 8am. So, yeah. We were quite a bit late today. But I had called daycare to let them know we were running late, and asked them to save Emmie a breakfast plate.

So when we got into her classroom, she just walked straight to the table, pulled out a tiny chair, and sat down to eat! She acted like she knew exactly what she was doing, and I guess she did!

The azeala’s are blooming all over town, and I absolutely love it! These are at my office, and there are so many of them! We also have a couple bushes of the light pink ones at our house, which I also love.

Aunt Suzanne and I had been planning to go on our weekly walk at lunch time today, but the weather was so gross, so we decided to go tomorrow instead. So today at lunch, I ran home at light speed, to throw another pork loin in the Crock-Pot.

On the way back to work, I also stopped by the library to pick up a bunch of holds I had available. I got 14 or 15 kids books to read with Emerson this week, as part of a challenge I joined with one of my favorite bloggers/Instagrammers. Janssen at Everyday Reading is the mom of four young girls, and a former elementary librarian. She shares loads of good books, for babies all the way to adults. So this week, she’s hosting a 5×5 Reading Challenge, to read 5 books with your kids for 5 days in a row. And of course I signed up to participate right away! (You don’t have to sign up, you can just read along if you want.) All of these library books I got today came from recommendations on her blog, and I can’t wait to read them! We will read some of our own books this week too, but I wanted some new ones too. So anyways, I got lots of cute little kid books today! (Plus one for Mommy.) So many books in fact, I had to bring my own tote bag to carry them all!

And then Tallahassee Memorial Hospital shared the news about the triplets’ arrival! A lady had contacted Megan to ask their permission, and then their marketing person (who is a friend of mine from church, Hi Ruthann!), asked me to send her this collage I made, so they could post it on their hospital social media pages. And so now if anyone in town didn’t know (from all of our family shouting it from the rooftops), they should know now! (As of 9pm, TMH’s Facebook post has had almost 900 reactions, 70 comments, and 70 shares; so yeah, it feels like all of Tally knows about my beautiful nieces now!)

In other triplet news, my sister was actually discharged from the hospital today, so she’s getting to sleep in her own bed again for the first time in almost three weeks. And it will only be the 2nd time in their new house, since she was admitted the very next day after closing! She’s looking forward to a night of (hopefully) uninterrupted sleep, in her own bed. The girls are all still doing well, but are still in the NICU (no time frame for “when” has been given yet), so continue to pray for them, and especially Megan & Bo as they go back & forth to the hospital. (Stolen photo below from Bo’s Instagram story.)

And look at all these fun, cute playground photos of my baby girl at school today!

After picking up my girl from school, we set out my Great-Grandmother’s quilt in the backyard, to read our books for first day of the #5x5ReadingChallenge! Yay for extra daylight! And decent afternoon weather!

The first one we read was “Bunny Roo, I Love You,” by Melissa Marr, and this was one of my two faves of our five. It was a really sweet book, with beautiful illustrations! We’ll definitely be reading this one again during our library loan.

The other one of my two favorites from today was “If I Had A little Dream,” by Nina Laden. This was also just a really sweet story, with gorgeous artwork! And I definitely want to read this one again.

Selfie break!

And here are all five books we read today.

After we finished all of our reading for the day, we came inside to get dinner finished up. It should have been easy since the pork had been slow-cooking all day, but we had a few issues with the pasta side dish I had in the microwave (it just stopped working), and then transferring that to the stove top to finish, and then overcooking the fresh steamed broccoli because the pasta took so long, and leaving the meat out during all of that to get cold, with no microwave to heat it back up… Uggghhh. It was so frustrating, and exhausting. But we did finally eat, and all-in-all, the meal wasn’t bad, and this cute, goofy girl helped get me out of my funk from all the hoopla.

But then right at bedtime, this cute little toddler had a bit of a toddler meltdown for no reason at all. She didn’t want Mommy to hold her. She didn’t want Daddy to hold her. She didn’t want either of us to read her bedtime books… Eventually, Jeff let her sit in the chair by herself, and pick out a new blanket (they’re in a basket next to the chair), and once we got that all squared away, she finally settled down and let him hold her. I said her night-night prayers and got a few loves & kisses, and then Daddy rocked her to sleep for a while.

I washed the dishes & cleaned the kitchen, and started a load of my work dresses in the washing machine. This blog seems to have taken a while to write tonight, so I’m going to read a little, and then go to bed early, since I was so exhausted this morning!

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