“Single Mom” Day 2

In case you missed yesterday’s post, Jeff is out of town for a work conference, so I’m on “single mom” day 2. Girlfriend was excited to ride on her little toys at school this morning. I helped her get on the brown one. Then she slid off and waddled over to the yellow one, and got on all by herself. Albeit, backwards. : )

On my lunch break, I attempted to go back to my usual picnic table at my office. But wow-wee it was still too hot for that. Am I some sort of Florida summer amateur? I should know better that August is still not cool enough for comfortable outdoor leisure. Even in the shade. I lasted less than 10 minutes before retreating for the a/c. Oh, and that’s the new lunch box I got at Marshall’s over the weekend, for $7.99.

If you’re interested, I was reading Anne Bogel’s new book titled, “I’d Rather Be Reading,” which doesn’t come out until next week, but I was chosen to be a part of the launch team, so I got an advanced copy, for free! I finished it already, and it’s really good. I’m blogging all about it later this week, but today only it’s half off at Books-A-Million, which makes it only $7.49 for hard-cover, and it will comes with some cute free bonuses! And if you order two or more, you get even more freebies. If you like reading at all, I’d highly recommend it.

And then after work, we barely made it to our cars before the clouds opened up and it started pouring. It took 5-10 minutes longer to get to daycare because of the rain and the traffic. It also took 5-10 minutes longer to get afterwards too.

So some days Aunt Meggie opens the center, and some days she closes the center. But either way, if Aunt Meggie is at the front desk, we always stop on our way in or out so she can have some baby loves. Emerson also always says “Hi” to the pictures of Uncle Bo on Aunt Meggie’s desk. She points and smiles and says “oooh,” and one time said, “Booo.”

For dinner at home, I made Trader Joe’s veggie fried rice, and added in some scrambled eggs. Emerson and I both loved it. I thought we had some dumplings or spring rolls to go with the rice, but after searching the freezer, I couldn’t find any. Oh well. The rice was yummy, and Emmie didn’t mind. And while we were eating Daddy video-called us, and Emerson got so excited! She absolutely loved seeing him on the phone, and hearing his voice. It was super cute and sweet.

We then played in the living room for a long while, and she was just so sweet. Normally, she wants to just walk around the whole house, but tonight, I could tell she just wanted to stay close to Mommy. She found a sticker and entertained herself with that alone for about five minutes.

And then she would waddle over and lay her head on my chest and just love for me a bit. Or she would come sit between my legs on my long dress, and just pat my legs. Ugh, just melts my heart.

She fought me trying to get her in the bathtub, because her buns still hurt and she didn’t want to sit down in the water. She walked around in the tub for a bit, and then she finally forgot she didn’t want to sit down, and just actually sat down. And then she was fine. But she still has a terrible diaper rash on her little bottom, unfortunately. I sent the good cream to school with her today, and they put it on at every diaper change, but it’s still not looking very good. Poor little thing. Probably going to try an old-fashioned oatmeal bath tomorrow night, at the suggestion of my Grandmother & Uncle Keith, and my boss Tammy mentioned it as well.

Her neck is continuing to heal though, and looking pretty good. I’m very interested to know what it will look like once all the swelling goes down. I’m wondering if it’s going to be flat and smooth, just like “regular,” or if a little bulge might remain?

These are some of my favorite of her current jammies. They’re thin and soft, and have cute animal faces (bears?) on her feetsies. And she just feels so good and comfy when I hold her in them. She’s so dang sweet!

I’ve been blogging and watching “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix. I’ve also had another video call with Jeff, while he wandered miles and miles through IKEA. He found a few good things to bring home, even though there were tons more things we’re interested in. But I can’t make spontaneous decisions, pretty much ever, and definitely not furniture purchases over the phone. So some of those things will have to wait until we can make a trip together sometime.

I’ve had a headache all day, for practically no reason, so I’m going to grab some meds, and settle in for an early night and hopefully wake up feeling better. Night folks!

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