Tiny Target

For lunch today, I enjoyed last night’s leftovers, and read some more of my book. (This library book was actually due Monday, but I had barely started it, and there were holds on it, so I couldn’t renew it. So now I’m trying to read as fast as possible, and turn it in before I rack up too many days of late fees!)

Meg got off work today around 4pm, so she took Emerson with her when she left. She took her to their house for a while, where she found a new shaker toy (pictured below), and took over 20 steps on her own! (But then of course she wouldn’t do it again for me later…) And then I met Megan, Bo & Emerson for dinner at Jersey Mike’s. (I decided to skip choir tonight, because I’m hacking up a lung, and have been for about a week now. Emmie is so actually. So pray for both of us, if you don’t mind.)

After dinner, Emerson and I started heading home. But then I remembered the new teeny tiny micro Target just opened up yesterday, approximately five minutes from home. So we decided to run in quickly to check it out. And it’s super nice! It’s little, but it got almost everything – clothes (for all ages), shoes, cosmetics, groceries (pantry, produce, meat, frozen), office supplies, outdoor things, home decor, games, etc… I am honestly not one of those girls who are just obsessed with Target (I mean I like it, obviously, but I’m not one of thooose girls), but I did really like this new little store tonight. And I treated myself to just a few small goodies.

At home, Emmie and I played for just a little bit, then I gave her another snack of pears. (She’s been a bit constipated since switching to whole milk, so peaches, pears & prunes are being added in as much as possible.) She loves the pears a lot, and ate a good bit. But she also rubbed it all in her hair, so we went straight to the bath tub once she finished.

She then guzzled her entire bottle of milk, and promptly fell asleep in three minutes flat. I’ve changed into my comfy clothes now, and I’ve got my new peach candle burning. Jeff took the boys to see the new Avengers movie tonight (no youth group tonight at church while youth pastor is in Miami on mission trip), so I’ve got some time with just me & Netflix, and my cough drops!

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