Dinner at Red Robin

Well this morning, Mommy was a goofball, and accidentally put on Emerson’s romper backwards. I snapped her all up the front just like everything was normal, and didn’t even notice until Jeff was carrying her to the car, that the cute little bow that’s usually on her belly button, was on her back… So I just took her to school like that, and they fixed it with her first diaper change. 

For lunch, I once again had leftover BBQ pulled pork, and it’s still just as good. Just trying to get our money’s worth out of it (even if it wasn’t my money, since my parents bought it for me at Costco), and I hate throwing away yummy leftovers! Also, I’m about 85% through this book now, so I think I’ll try to finish it up tonight, and turn it in tomorrow, a mere four days late…

Then for dinner, we met Jeff’s parents at Red Robin, so they could see the boys one more time before Saturday. Jeff will drive up to North-East Georgia on Saturday for the half-way meet-up with their mom, so Nana & PopPop wanted to see them again once more before then. Emmie ate steak fries, sweet potato fries, broccoli, and her favorite was Gabe’s swirly twirly pasta. She went to town on that stuff!

And look at this preciousness Ryan wrote on the giant chalk board wall in the restaurant tonight. So stinking sweet.

Also, my poor girl fell forward while playing at school today, and busted her lip on a little table. She actually tore that little piece that connects your upper lip to your gums, and it was apparently bleeding quite a bit. They said this actually happens pretty often at this age (they’re just so clumsy), and that it will heal perfectly fine. But Aunt Meggie came to the rescue and scooped her up. She snuggled her for a while up at the front desk, and even gave her a Popsicle until she felt better. Then once she took her back to her classroom, she saw her favorite teacher Miss Q doing art, and she was excited to join in! It still just made me sad to hear about it! So let’s all just pray she heals up well, and that doesn’t happen again. 

Night friends!

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