Donut Breakfast & Quesadilla Supper

Today for school spirit Friday, Emerson was rocking her “Fun to Be Fit” summer daycare shirt. And even though it’s a size 2T and obviously huge, she’s still adorable in it. And something about the t-shirt instead a onesie makes her seem like such a big girl. And those little shorty-shorts! Ah! Kill me!

Then a coworker friend brought in the most delicious donuts from Reynolds in Quincy, and whoa dang these babies are good. Small-town donut shops know what they’re doing y’all. It was the perfect compliment to my giant Tervis of hot coffee.

On my lunch break, I ran to the library really quickly to turn in the book that was overdue since Monday. I paid my 40 cent fine, and picked up two new books they had on hold for me. I’m seriously on a reading kick right now!  I’m flying through books like crazy, and I’m diggin’ it.

Then right before 4pm, Megan called me from daycare saying poor baby Emmie had a fever of 101.2. Meg gave her a dose of baby Motrin, and since Jeff was already picking the boys up, he ran to get Emerson too. Once they got home, she played for a while, but then had a bottle and a 1.5-hour nap. 

Once I got home (right as Emmie was going to sleep), I got working on making chicken quesadillas for dinner. I sauteed up a ton of green & red peppers with onions, but just for me. Everyone else just had chicken & cheese. I also added sour cream, salsa & avocado on mine, and it was so yummy!

Emerson slept right through the rest of us eating dinner, so once she woke up, I let her eat her dinner standing at the coffee table. 

She had fun playing with all of us for a while, and dying laughing at her silly brother Gabe. Then things started going downhill. She started getting fussy, and feeling warm again. By this time, Ryan wasn’t feeling well either, and we found out he had a fever of 102. So we started getting Emmie ready for bed, and then found out she also had a fever of 102. Then she took her bottle, and about 3 seconds after finishing, she threw up all over both of us. She was so tired & pitiful, and as I tried to get up to clean us both off, all she wanted to do was lay her head back down on me.  Jeff came to help us out, and once we were both wiped off, wearing clean clothes, Daddy rocked her to sleep, which only took about 5 seconds before she was completely out. 

We got the boys all packed up (mostly, there’s still a few more clothes), and got them to bed kind of early. Gabe isn’t feeling too great himself, but his temperature is normal. I’m still hacking like a crazy woman, but feel mostly fine. So with all that craziness tonight, I think Jeff and I might go to bed early too. He has to wake up early to get on the road by 7:45am, for the long day of travel. So I’m going to read just a little bit, and then head to bed. Pray for all of us to feel better tomorrow please!

Coincidentally, I kinda started re-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix again today. Totally on accident. Netflix practically opened & started the show on it’s own. Weird, huh? 

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