Well after Emerson felt so bad last night (high fever & a one-time vomit), I was expecting today to still be rough. She woke up this early this morning with a relatively low fever, so I gave her some meds right away. And then the fever never came back! She wasn’t her usual spunky self, but she was pretty good. She ate pears for breakfast, and then while I cooked & ate my own breakfast, she had a TON of blueberry Puff’s and peach Cheerio’s.

After breakfast, we played for a while, and then she was very tired. So I put her down for what I assumed would be a short mid-morning nap. I left her room at 10:20. I got a coffee refill and watched a little Netflix. Then I cleaned up around the living room & dining room, made myself lunch, watched some more Netflix.

This morning had been super bright & sunny (as you can see how bright my pics above are), then it suddenly got dark out of nowhere. The dark, grainy photo of our living room below was taken around 1pm, but it was so dark (even with the light from the TV) it felt more like 9pm! I then marveled at the crazy thunderstorm (which was apparently a tornado warning for a while, but I never even knew it until after the fact!), and then my girl finally woke up three and a half hours later!!! She might have slept even longer, but I was trying to sneak in her room to check on her, and so she popped up when she heard the door open.

Then Grammy (my mom) came over to play with us, after being in Miami for a week! Emerson was very excited to see her, and she was just so cute & squealy when she walked in. But then she leaned back and looked back towards the door, looking for Pepaw! That girl is smart, and she knows that the two of them go together. She always expects them to be together, and when they’re not, she’s looking for the other one!

We made a quick run to Publix, after our pediatrician gave us some suggestions to help with Emmie’s terrible constipation. (Apparently the switch to whole milk causes this, so even though she’s loving the milk, her belly’s not doing to well with it.) And turns out she loves the Danactive drink! It also helped that Grammy was feeding it to her through a straw. Also, Pepaw finally came over to have dinner with us and play, and Emmie was very glad to see him!

Jeff got home around 7:30 (after taking the boys back to their mom), and Emerson fell asleep instantly at bedtime since she refused her afternoon nap. I baked a pan of lemon poppyseed muffins tonight, to take to Sunday school in the morning. It was a good day spent mostly at home, and I was glad to have my parents here with us! Hope y’all had a good Saturday too!

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