Sick Baby Sunday

Well the day started out with Emerson crying screaming at 5:45am. We went running into her room, and she was drenched in sweat and super upset. She had another fever, back up to 103. We got her changed and calmed down, and then I just held her in the living room recliner for about an hour, while we both dozed off and on. Then we snuggled and watched Moana for a while. Finally, she started perking up and waking up, and so we got some breakfast. Daddy went to church, but Mommy & Baby stayed home.

Then Emmie went down for a morning nap, from about 9:30-11:30. During that time, I watched our church service on LiveStream, and took notes based on the photo of the bulletin my mama sent me.

When she woke up, she was in a great mood, so we had fun playing in her teepee, and on the keyboard, and toddling around. Jeff brought lunch home, and Emerson was super glad to see him when he got back. She had another bottle, we all snuggled for a few minutes watching something random on Netflix, and then she was ready for nap #2, which lasted from 1:30-4:30! And I had a little afternoon couch nap during that time as well.

Once she woke up, we decided to head to Target to look for overnight diapers. Emmie has been completely sleeping through the night for a long time now, but we used to wake her up around 10:30 or 11pm, just for an extra bottle & extra calories. But now, we’ve stopped doing that, and she’s woken up with an overflowing diapers a few times this past week. We also looked for a pair of tiny sneakers, but they were too big, so we didn’t buy them. Also, why are baby shoes $25? Seems like a lot for them to wear them like, six times. Gonna check on Amazon instead, and we’ll see what we can find there. Before coming home, we had dinner at Jason’s Deli, followed by free soft-serve ice cream cones, which of course Emerson loved!

She went to bed very quickly and easily tonight, on her freshly washed crib sheet. Her fever didn’t come back at all today (it was 99.5 right before bedtime), but I’m still planning to take her to the doctor first thing in the morning, to have her checked out just in case. Keep praying for her friends!

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