Baby’s Getting Better!

We went to the doctor’s office first thing this morning, even though she hadn’t had a fever since first thing yesterday morning. Our usual doctor/friend Abby was off today, but we saw Mona the nurse practitioner, who we also really like. She said Emerson’s lungs sounded great and her ears were clear. So that means it was probably just something viral. We still kept her home one more day today though.

After the doctor, her & I ran to Walmart, to continue our hunt for tiny baby shoes. And this time we were successful! We got two pairs, each for only $5! That’s much more my speed, and these are cuter anyways.

We played at home for just a little bit, and then my little bit was more than ready for her morning nap, and was sound asleep by 10:20am. I showered while she napped, and got ready for work. Jeff came home at lunch time, and we switched places so I could get in a few hours of work at the office this afternoon.

I worked just 30 minutes late today in order to just get in a little bit of make-up time from this morning. When I came home after work, I loved pulling in the carport and seeing my hubby & my baby waving at me from the side door!

After dinner, my girl was worn out from her busy day at home playing with mommy & daddy. So we did a quick bath, and a bottle, and she was asleep almost instantly, a little earlier than usual.

She’s not 100% better yet, but she’s definitely better than over the weekend. She was more tired today than usual, and a little more clingy & whiney. But she still never got a fever today, so I’m hoping & praying it’s all passed now. Thanks to all of yall that have been praying for her these last few days!

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