Tight Pants & New Shoes + ENT Appointment

Well it’s now Tuesday night, and Emerson hasn’t had a fever since Sunday morning, so I’m thinking we’re officially out of the viral woods! (Knock on wood that I didn’t just jinx her/us.) She went back to daycare today, even though she seemed to not be feeling quite a good as usual. I think she’s just still not completely well, so she was quieter & calmer this morning. She is however wearing a new outfit and new shoes, so maybe that’s making her feel a little better? Her little pants are adorable, but a little tight, and I kept singing the “tight pants” song from Jimmy Fallon. But look at these kitty shoes! These are one of the two pairs we got at Walmart yesterday for $5 each, and they’re just too cute.

My sister texted me some photos at lunch time, saying Emerson wasn’t feeling well, and needed some extra loves. So Emmie got to eat her lunch at the front desk with Aunt Meggie. But I don’t think either of them minded the extra time together.

I picked Emerson up early from daycare, to take her to the ENT (ear, nose, throat) appointment. We’ve been seeing the same ENT Dr. since she was only a few days old, for the weird little thing on her neck. You can actually see it in that first photo up above, right below the edge of the photo. It just looks like a little white bump, but it feels like a dull fish hook under her skin, that you can move around and mess with, but she doesn’t seem bothered by it, or like it causes her any pain.

Honestly, no one is exactly sure what it is… They’ve said it could be a cyst, or it could be a piece of “misplaced” cartilage. Either way, Dr. Whitaker at Tally ENT has been monitoring it, and we check in with him every few months. When he first saw it, he immediately said he would probably want to surgically remove it when she was about a year old. So here we are now, after her “1-year” appointment, and tomorrow a nurse will call to schedule the surgery. He said the entire process will only take an hour, and she’ll be back to normal by the next day. He makes it sound so easy, which helps with my anxiety about it, for now at least…

After her appointment, we went back to my office to show her off to all my friends and co-workers. (Hi yall!) And of course she entertained them all, and they all loved her! Some of them had gotten to meet her last September when she was just two months old, but this was the first time for some of them. Natasha is a co-worker that reads my blog every day (Hi, Natasha!) and she loves following along with Emmie. She met her for the first time, and she just loved her to death! It was so sweet, and I loved it.

At home, I put Emmie’s shoes back on, just for fun & cuteness, and we had lots of fun playing with all the things. And we both shared some veggie straws for an afternoon snack.

Then once daddy got home, we all had supper together. And by the end of the meal, Emerson was absolutely exhausted from her big afternoon, and was more than ready for bed. We got her into jammies, and she drained her bottle. I said her night-night prayer, and she was asleep practically the second I laid her in the crib.

After I laid her down, I came back to the kitchen and forced myself to wash the dishes. I was also tired after our big afternoon, but I knew if I sat down first, I would never get up to do it! Good news though – I made it through, and now the kitchen looks great! And now Icm cozied up in the recliner with my feet up, and it’s time to get back to “Anne with an E” on Netflix. (TV show about Anne of Green Gables.)

I also finished listening to this audio-book this morning, but it was a little underwhelming. I watched the movie a few years ago (I usually never do it “out of order” like this, preferring to always read the book first), but I remember liking the movie. The book however, eh… blah. On to the next one though!

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