Puppy Pants + Protection

We almost missed the window to wear this little outfit Emerson got for Christmas. (Pretty sure they’re from Jeff’s mom?) But we got them out of the drawer today, and they’re adorable! We have a mini long-haired Doxie, so the puppies on this outfit are just like her puppy! Perfect!

And now that I’m writing this (and she’s sound asleep in her crib), I realize we totally should have tried to get a photo of Emerson & Pretzel together!

Once I picked up Emerson from school, her and I met my mama, Grandmommie, Aunt Suzanne & Uncle Keith at Zaxby’s for dinner before church. Emmie got her own kids meal again – grilled cheese & fries – and she’s just always adorable eating supper. There were also lots of our fellow church members & friends, so she really relished the extra attention from them too. Clearly she’s not a shy baby.

After church, we came home to open one more birthday present for Emerson that Grammy (my mama) forgot about. It was a Moana bowling set! How perfect! She doesn’t quite get the concept yet, but she did like banging two pins together. And of course she then found the box, which she might have liked even more than the bowling pins. Babies & boxes, right?!

I finished reading Lauren Graham’s book today, Talking As Fast As I Can, and it was so good! “Gilmore Girls” has always been one of my all-time favorite shows, since it first started way back in 2000. I’ve watched the entire series about 3 (or maybe 4?) times through – a few times on DVD (still own them all, obviously) back before Netflix started streaming, and then once on Netflix. And then I watched “Parenthood” a few years ago, and loved that too. So now I loved reading this book Lauren Graham wrote!

Oh, and I just want to thank the Lord for his protection yesterday, without me even realizing it… I’m sure all you local Tally folks heard or saw about the HUGE pile-up on the interstate yesterday? It was a 44-car pile-up due to the crazy flash floods thunderstorms that happened right at 5pm, then clogged up traffic for the next 3 to 4 hours. On a “normal” day, I could have ended up right in the middle of it. On a normal day, when I pick up Emmie from school, we hop on I-10 to go one exit West towards home. Those 3 miles are exactly where the multiple accidents happened yesterday. But because we had been at the ENT, we didn’t get on the interstate at all. What’s more – her appointment had originally been scheduled for last Monday, but it got moved. Otherwise, we would have been right in the midst of that. We might have missed the accidents, but we definitely would have gotten caught in the traffic afterwards. I can’t imagine what we would have done – Emmie would have been tired, hungry, fidgety and fussy. And Mommy would have been too! So thank the Lord for keeping us both out of that horrible situation & keeping us safe, and watching over us in all these ways!

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