Emmie Loves Spring Rolls

Baby girl was showing off some leg at school today! Her little legs are just so soft & squishy & scrumptious!

And daycare sent this photo below of her eating the chicken spaghetti, with the caption “Emerson is enjoying lunch today!” I just love the little face she’s making, like she’s slurping it up. So cute!

And hubby brought me an Uncle Maddio’s pizza for lunch. This is their summer special with peaches, basil, balsamic vinegar & prosciutto. It was yummy!

After picking up Emerson from school, we stopped into Trader Joe’s really quickly. Emmie just always loves riding in the cart, and seeing all the things and colors and people.

Then we had a Trader Joe’s Chinese food feast for dinner again tonight. We’re making our way through trying all their different varieties of things, and theyve all been so good! Tonight we had their chicken chow mein for the first time, and it was delicious! I loved all the red bell peppers, even if Jeff didn’t. If youve missed me raving about it previously on the blog, you can see it here and here.

Lately, Emmie hasn’t wanted to drink out of her sippy cup, because she sees the way we drink out of our cups, and wants to do the same. So we’ve been giving her tiny sips of our water out of our big people cups. But tonight I remembered that I had a few of my old cups from when I was a child. So Emerson had her water tonight out of Mommy’s old “Little Mermaid” cup!

She ate really well, and had lots of food tonight – noodles, chicken, broccoli, bell peppers, and a few bites each of my pot stickers and spring roll. Then she started getting fussy, and seemed like she was doesn’t eating. So while daddy was washing bottles, I carried her into the kitchen. She saw the last spring roll on the pan, and grabbed it! I set her on the counter, and she sat there eating for another 5 minutes. And she finished everything but the crispy ends! I was cracking up at her eating that entire spring roll, just casually sitting on the kitchen counter.

Then once she really was done eating (and after she had bits of spring roll pretty much everywhere – all over herself, the counter, and me), we commenced our usual routine. Bath. Bottle. Bed. And then she was out like a light!

Jeff is actually having a late-night MRI right now, for some shoulder pain he’s been having since March. He had to take some anxiety meds before going in the machine, so we’re praying they work, and that it all goes well. Then his dad will drive him back home. We would appreciate your prayers about his shoulder, too! Currently, I’m watching “Anne with an E” while I blog, and then I’m going to wash up the dishes.

And tomorrow is Friday! Hooray! Night y’all.

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