Fabulous Friday

Y’all, Emerson had a GREAT day at school today. One of her favorite part-time staffers was in her room this morning, and Emmie was so excited to see her, she actually leaned & reached for her while I was holding her. Moments like that make it easier to leave her there every day! And then the school sent us all of these great photos of her having a blast out on the playground this morning!

Then I went out to lunch with my co-worker friends, Tammy & Toni. We went to BJ’s Brewhouse, and all really enjoyed our meals. We also laughed a LOT today (one of us was wheezing, and one of us was snorting), and had lots of fun. I’m grateful to work in a place I not only get along with my co-workers (& boss!), but we actually enjoy hanging out together too!

On the way to pick up Emerson after work, Jeff and I were trying to decide what to do for dinner. I knew I didn’t feel like cooking, but that’s all I could decide on. Jeff asked what my parents were doing tonight, so I called up my Mama to ask her! She said they were also trying to decide what to do. So we all met up at a new-ish place called Mann’s Doghouse. I had a burger with grilled onions & cheese, which was yummy. They didn’t have any high chairs (that’s the college side of town for ya), so Emmie sat in her stroller for a while. And then she saw me dipping my fries, and so she just had to do it too. So she learned how to to dip her fries in the sauce, which led to dipping her entire fist in the sauce. It was messy, but hilarious.

Emmie is now sound asleep, and Jeff and I just started up “The King’s Speech” on Netflix. I saw this movie way back when it came out, and I remember it being really good, but that’s about all. Gonna be good to re-watch it tonight!

Also, I wore a new shirt today & got a few compliments, plus I was having a good hair day and a good make-up day. So that always makes you feel good. Today was just a Fabulous Friday!

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