Party Prep

I’m just taking a quick break from working, so I’ll be brief with my updates today, so I can get back to it!

I picked up Emerson early from school today, because the punkin had her 12-month doctors appointment today! She’s 8th percentile for both height & weight, and her doctor (who is also one of our best friends, Abby. Hi, Abby!), is pleased with her growth & progress. She’s also ahead of the curve as far as her skills & development, so go Emmie! We did have to get four shots today though, so that was super sad and traumatic. Poor sweet baby.

We stopped at a different Dollar Tree again after her appointment, and found the tablecloth we needed! Then we came home, & nugget pretty much went straight to her crib for a nap. (You can see two of her four leg Band-Aids on her little leg in the photo below.)

Jeff picked up the boys from camp, and took them to dinner and a movie, just to get them out of the house for a while… Because my mama came over to our house so she could help me do some party prep for tomorrow night! She’s simply the best Mama in the wide world. We made the pasta salad, and crab dip, and prepped veggies for a salad and fruit for kabobs. And Emmie has decided she wants to learn to drink from our cups. This is the third time this week she’s done it!

Also, one of Megan’s coworkers/friends gave us this new-to-us wooden highchair, and it’s adorable! It’s too big for her (there are no straps on it & she can just pull her legs up and stand up in the seat), but it’s cute!

OK, so that pretty much covers everything from today. I’m gonna get back up in just a few minutes, and get back to work. This house is gonna be in tip-top shape tomorrow night! I might be dead from exhaustion, but it’s gonna look good for my girls’ first birthday party!

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