Chick-fil-A & Church

At lunch today, I ran to the Dollar Tree near the office, in search of that one missing tablecloth we need for the party. But they didn’t have it. So tomorrow I might have to visit a few different stores & hopefully I can find one before Friday! And since I finished an audio book (The Hazel Wood, I gave it 3 stars) this morning before work, while I was out running around at lunch I started a new audio book (Dear Daughter). So far, so good.

Jeff took the boys to another youth group swim & pizza party/worship night off-campus. So for dinner, Emerson and I met Grandmommie and my Aunt Suzanne at Chick-fil-A (other family members were out of town or in meetings or still at work), where we ordered Emmie her first ever kids meal! Honestly she didn’t need her own meal, but it was cute, and Gmom was treating, so we just went for it. And she ate 1.5 chicken nuggets, and waved at everyone & hammed it up for her audience.

Then I went to choir rehearsal after dinner. My voice was a little scratchy tonight, and I’ve had a headache for two days, but I still enjoyed learning and singing.

Then we went to get my Walmart grocery pickup order, full of all the good for Emerson’s birthday party.

Oh and one last note – Emerson is LOVING the whole milk. She has drank about 5 ounces more each day this week of milk, than her average when she was on formula. Hello! That’s a big deal for my tiny, 9th percentile baby girl!

And now we’re gonna get back to work, doing a little bit of work for an hour or so before we crash into bed exhausted.

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