Dinner & Costco Date

Tonight, Emerson and I had a dinner date night, followed by a Costco trip, with my parents! We had subs & Baked Lays at Jersey Mike’s (Emmie tried a little bit of everything, and ate like a champ), then we all ran to Costco to buy the world’s largest pork loin for Emmie’s birthday party. Jeff and I don’t have a membership, so my parents were nice enough to not only take me tonight, but they also bought the meat as a contribution to the party as well!

Even though Emmie was exhausted, she was a trooper. She was laughing and giggling and waving to all the people. You can see her tired eyes in that last picture though – the eyes give her away.

In some great, exciting news, Jeff got his car fixed tonight! He had to get a different, more expensive few parts, but it still wasn’t too bad. And he’s so smart and handy, and he got it working again! So praise the Lord for that!

Also, I got this cute onesie on super sale at Carter’s this last weekend, and Emerson wore it as a surprise today to welcome Aunt Meggie back to school after being in Ireland for a week.

Since we got home tonight, Jeff and I have been working our butts off doing things like: cleaning out the fridge, tidying kitchen, and deconstructing her old baby swing. We’ve got quite a large to-do list of things before the party on Friday night, so as soon as I hit publish on this post, I’m hopping up to get back to work!

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