Hot House with Busted A/C

Spoiler alert – as I’m writing this at 10:30pm, it’s no longer busted. But when we first woke up this morning, it was 80° in the house, and the vents we’re blowing out warm air. It felt terrible, even though it was only 7am. Long story short – my uncle gave me a contact for a guy who repaired his a/c recently, and he came a few hours later & had it fixed in about 10 minutes flat. And it’ll only cost a couple hundred dollars, which I’m totally ok with since ya know, it’s July in Florida. So if you need an air guy, lemme know, because now I have an air guy. #homeowners

In the meantime, Jeff and the boys left this morning to go to St. George Island with his parents, and his brothers family. Emmie still wasn’t feeling totally up to her usual self, so her and I opted to stay home. but since it was so hot, we spent the day with Grandmommie, and Uncle Keith & Aunt Suzanne at their house. For breakfast, Grandmommie fried me some eggs, in bacon grease, and I don’t know anything that says “Southern Grandmother” more than that.

Emmie and I ended up spending almost the entire day there, including a couple naps for her, and one for me. Then I took her to meet up with Jeff & his family. They went out to eat at The Fisherman’s Wife.

And I went to meet up with old college friends from St. Augustine! Well actually, Kaley lives in Tampa now, and Lindy lives here in Tally, but we’ve somehow her & I have never gotten together until tonight. But we had SO much fun! We sat at Ricardo’s for two hours, eating secret bread, telling lots of stories, and laughing so dang much. It was just so good to be with old friends.

It was a crazy day (even though I didn’t spell it all out here), and I’m once again exhausted. Hoping I can finally catch up on some rest, with a nice Sunday afternoon nap tomorrow. Night night friends!

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