Pullen Family Time

Check out how adorable this baby nugget is in this dress. Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Keith got her this for her birthday, and it is just so cute!

OK, then after church, started more Pullen family time! Jeff’s younger brother Brad’s family was still here in town from Georgia, plus, the youngest of Jeff’s brothers, Robert (there are 4 brothers total), and his family got in from Texas right at lunch time. So we all met up for lunch at Chuy’s! There were 14 of us, so it was crazy, but it was good to be with them. We were the first ones there though, so I stayed in the car & let Emmie get in a quick nap while we waited for everyone. And then I didn’t think about taking any photos until we were leaving, but this “palm tree” with lanterns was cool, so I took a photo anyways.

After lunch, Brad & his family hit the road back to Georgia, and we came home for a couple of hours, so Emerson could get a real nap in her own crib. And mommy took a nap too, while the boys built a fort, and daddy did who knows what. Then we took some time to put together some of Emerson’s new birthday presents! Both of the boys helped put the stuff together, and then they were really sweet and played with her too. We got her the cute white teepee (which is bigger than I expected), and the wagon & scooter thing are from my parents.

And then we headed over to Jeff’s parents house to have dinner with the Pullen clan again. The adults had sausage dogs, the kids had hot dogs, and Emmie held her own being the only girl with five boys around!

And now we’re finally back home. We got Emerson to sleep with no problem, since it was so far past her bedtime and she was so tired. I’m gonna go wash some dishes now (not much got down around the house yesterday while the a/c was out), and then watch some Netflix. In another hour or so, we’ll get the boys in bed, and then we’ll hit the sack too! Happy Sunday, friends!

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