Usual Monday Routine

At drop-off this morning, Emerson was being so cute & smiley, and I could hardly tear myself away from this adorable girl, in her little romper.

Today was just the same ole, same ole usual Monday routine. Which is sometimes a good thing. There was no chaos of broken down cars (like last Monday) or even anything worrisome, depressing, stressful. So yeah, the “usual routine” was A-OK with me. So the best part of today was the usual – time with my little family! Jeff picked up the boys from basketball camp, and I picked up Emerson from daycare. Then we had a quick dinner of party leftovers (BBQ pulled pork sliders on Hawaiian rolls, pasta salad, & chips), before Jeff had to head out to church for the monthly deacons meeting.

And this is a random photo I took while stopped in traffic on Gadsden after work. I just liked the tiny bit of brick peeking through, and all the vines growing.

The tiny meat pile on my plate was for Emmie, and she ate all of it! Plus a few pasta shells, and a bite or two of bread.

It’s possible she just now really saw the giant poster from her birthday party. She kept turning around in her seat at dinner time, and talking and cooing at it. It was adorable & hilarious.

Playing with her new Noah’s Ark that Grandmommie gave her for her birthday!

Then we had fun splashing around in the bathtub. I also got a cute photo of her tiny nakey baby bum, but I’m gonna keep that private, but I just had to tell ya. And I don’t know what it is, but I love taking post-bath selfies, with a drippy, towel-wrapped baby girl!

I’m gonna read my current library book (about a 15-year-old German Jewish girl, who becomes a spy at a boarding school for children of high-ranking Nazi’s) once I hit publish, while the boys play video games. Jeff is gonna stop & get diapers on his way home, since I just realized we have only 2 left in the whole house… Oopsies. I hope y’all had a normal Monday as well, free from stress & chaos!

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