Christmas Day 2018

Christmas day began at midnight last night, when Jeff and I were finishing up the last of the wrapping. We did good though, and we were proud of ourselves for knocking it out pretty efficiently.

Then baby nugget woke up around 6:30 this morning, and once we let her come into the dining room, she instantly noticed her new unicorn chair, walked right to it, and sat down! Then she proceeded to sit there the entire time she was opening her presents (and helping us open ours as well), and read her new book a couple times as well.

After we finished our sweet Christmas with just out little 3-fam, we got dressed and headed to my parents house.

After Christmas last year, they packed up most of their decorations, and assumed they would be in a new house by this Christmas. When that didn’t happen (for various reasons), all the stuff was still packed away and hard to get to, so instead of a big tree, they did something different with these 3 small trees up on a table. And it worked well to have a table for all the set up!

We started out the morning with delicious breakfast.

And then we got presents! Emerson’s favorite part for most of it was helping throw the wrapping paper away.

She was turning in circles, waving these new clothes in the air, making sure everyone saw them. It was so funny, and she knew it!

She had been munching on a cookie (that my mom’s boss’s wife gave specifically for her), but she couldn’t even put it down long enough to open a present.

Aunt Meggie and Uncle Bo got her these bells, and she instantly loved them!

They also got her this bear, whose shirt says, “Big Cousin, est. 2019,” which she also clearly loved!

And then in true one-year-old fashion, she got inside the box, and had just as much fun with that!

Megan and Bo received some teeny little clothes for their triplet girls.

And Emmie took one of her new bells and just chilled under the table for a while…

We finally convinced her to come back out, to open up her big present from Grammy & Pepaw – her very own food truck!

And then it was time for the very biggest surprise – a brand new Jeep Wrangler! For those that might have missed it, my Mama WON this in a giveaway from our favorite car dealership in Cairo, Georgia, Stallings Motors. (My Granddaddy started buying cars there in the 70’s, and we’ve been buying there ever since! My Granddaddy was actually in one of their commercials once too. Maybe I’ll find it and post it here soon.)

After a slightly traumatic Jeep ride (she was a bit scared of it), we took her back inside, and fought to get her to nap. Jeff finally got her to sleep, but rolling her up in her blanket like a burrito, placing her in the center of the queen sized bed, and laying down next to her. And they both slept for about an hour and forty-five minutes. I peeked in on them at one point, and it was just so sweet and adorable.

Then my Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Keith came over, and we had a huge Christmas ham lunch, complete with gooey potatoes, green bean casserole and (my fave) green acre peas.

After lunch, we did another small round of presents from my aunt and uncle. They got Emerson this adorable little buggy, and she loved it!

Aaannndddd then we tried another Jeep ride. You can tell she wasn’t thrilled about it at first…

But then my dad (who was driving using the parental remote control) and Uncle Bo, discovered Emerson thought it was funny if she was about to “run over” someone in her Jeep. So Uncle Bo ran around acting like he was getting ran over, and Emmie warmed up to it a lot after that!


This was before my aunt and uncle got there, but as Meg said, “fam jam!”

And look at my beautiful pregnant sissy! She is 22½ weeks, and the girls are the size of a grapefruit. Three grapefruits in there!

We stayed and played for a little while longer, after everyone else had left. Then the three of us came back to our house long enough for Emerson to take a short nap, and to let out and feed Pretzel. Mommy also got a short nap in as well, which was really good for me too. We headed back over to my parents house once Emmie and I woke up, and had leftovers for dinner. Emerson however mostly just ate rice pudding, and one pig in a blanket.

She also pushed her grocery buggy all over the house again. And she was just acting so cute and silly. We got her all comfy in her jammies, and then we watched our annual viewing of Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s a family favorite and we watch it every year, and we love the part when Linus recites the story of Jesus’s birth from Luke.

Please notice my slippers on Tater Tot’s feet.

We stayed at their house a little past Emerson’s bedtime, so when it was time to leave, she was already a little fussy. Then when Jeff picked up her buggy to take it to the car, she flipped her lid! She was so worried he was taking it away from her, and she was screaming! So we all had to leave at the same time, so she could watch her buggy, and we even put it in the center of the back seat, so that she could touch it all the way home. She became very quickly attached to her new buggy today!

Once at home, she went right back to her unicorn seat and had to sit in it for a few minutes while her milk was heating up. Looks like she is excited about it just like I was!

She had some milk and then was ready to go to sleep, after Daddy rocked her for a little while. He’s been the only one that’s able to get her to sleep today, which is fine with me, because I get really impatient when she fusses and fights sleep, when the one thing she needs is sleep! And he’s much more patient with her in that department than I am.

And now while I write today’s blog, he’s putting together her food truck, so it will be like Christmas morning again tomorrow, when she wakes up and sees this in the living room!

Jeff’s parents have been out of town for a few days, so we didn’t see them today. They’re coming back tomorrow though, so I’m sure we’ll see them in the next few days to have Christmas with them. Then Jeff will go get the boys on Saturday, and they’ll be here with us for a week. Growing Room is still closed tomorrow, so Emerson and I have one more day to spend together, which I’m really looking forward to. We’ve had an amazing Christmas break, and I’m so thankful for my hubby, and my family, and my sweet little baby girl!

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