Emmie’s Food Truck

First thing this morning, Emerson got to see her brand new food truck. She noticed it in the living room right away, then ran straight to it and started playing!

Jeff had to go back to work today, so it was just Emmie and I for a while. Then Grammy (my mom) and Grandmother came over to hang out at my house. Emmie wore a new outfit she got for Christmas, even though it was a bit too big for her tiny self.

Then my sister and I went to the nail salon together! Jeff got me a gift certificate for Christmas, and Megan actually had a small stockpile of certificates. We both got a manicure and a pedicure, and we had a great two hours of sister time. Time with just us two is rare in our busy lives, so it was really nice today! Love you sissy!

I got the same hot pink on my fingers and toes, and she got a light, shimmery pink.

After I was back home and everyone else had left, I got Emmie down for her nap. I got myself some lunch, and then spent time reading.

Emmie slept for 2 hours and 5 minutes, and woke up so sweet and sleepy still.

We had lots of afternoon play time together, and we played with her new Christmas things quite a bit, like this little dog named Violet, that talks and songs and is super cute.

Then we walked around the neighbors for about 45 minutes, just enjoying the nice warm weather, since the afternoon turned out so beautiful. I let her get out of her stroller for a while, and we did some mid-walk exploration. She loves finding tiny acorns.

And I was trying to take a picture of the gorgeous golden tree right in the front of our house, but it didn’t turn out the same in the photos. But it still looks nice.

After our walk, she cooked me up some tacos in her food truck. (I wish!)

And then we cuddled and giggled and played while waiting on Daddy to come home.

And this below is when Daddy walked in the door! She loves him so much!

Jeff’s parents got back into town this afternoon, so while Dave stayed home to rest, Nita stopped at Bento Box to grab dinner for all of us, then came over to our house to hang out for a bit.

After dinner and bath time, Emerson showed Nana everything about her new food truck, and made her a burger.

And she made me a small pizza, and almost fell out the front of her truck trying to hand it to me!

Jeff and I have been taking turns over the past hour trying to get her to sleep, and she just doesn’t want to be put down. She falls asleep in our arms, then screams when we lay her down in her crib. Hopefully we can get her down for the night soon, without too much more trouble. It’s my turn to go back in now, so my little box of Christmas treats will have to wait until later.

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