Pink Owls

Look at this sweet girl in a new outfit! She kept making sure the hood was still up on her little head. And it’s ironic she wore this outfit today with owls on it, since over the long weekend, Daddy taught her about owls. You can ask her, “Emerson, what does an owl say?” And with her adorable little voice she will day, “who who!” It’s so cute I can’t handle it!

She was so excited to see her favorite teacher, Ms. Quanicia, that while I was still squatting down in front of her with a book, she picked up another book, and walked around me to the other little chair, to take it to Ms. Q to read to her. So funny!

I finished this book today right before work, and it was a weird one. It’s a dystopian novel, written in 1932, about a world of clones & subliminal messages & much more weirdness I don’t want to mention. It was definitely strange – 2.5 stars.

At home, when I started putting our bagels (from last week) into the toaster oven, sadly I noticed they were moldy. So Jeff volunteered to bring us breakfast instead! I had a free biscuit in my app (which he wanted), so I ordered for us, then he picked it up & dropped off my bagel & hash browns at my office.

These next four photos were sent from her teachers in our parent app. The caption for the first two just said, “silly girl!” And the one of her sleeping is so sweet, because she’s using Ms. Q’s hoodie as a blanket, since Mommy forgot to send her sheet & blanket today!

After work, I started a new audiobook, which will likely be my last one of the year! I just listened to it more while washing dishes, and even though it’s not quite what I thought it was going to be (maybe I didn’t quite read the full synopsis?), it’s really interesting so far. There’s magic, and mages, and references to Thor, Loki, Odin & Middlegard. I don’t really know anything about this portion of mythology (other than from the Marvel universe), so I don’t know how closely it will follow, but I guess that won’t bother me, since I won’t know any different.

Since schools are closed and some people are still out of work, there was practically zero traffic out on the roads, and I loved it. I actually got to daycare earlier than usual, and then got home about 20 minutes earlier than usual! So I got some extra time to snuggle and play with my baby girl, before making dinner.

After dinner, we had a little bit more play time, but Daddy got to join in finally! My girl was tired after a busy day back at school, and she went to sleep much easier than last night. In fact, it only took a few minutes before she was ready to lay in her crib, and she fell asleep super quickly.

I’ve already tidied up the living room, cleaned the dining table, washed all the dishes, and cleaned the kitchen counters. Now I’m going to read a little bit, because I only have about 20 pages left in the Jodi Piccoult book I’ve been reading for a while now. Night friends!

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