Well, it’s almost 10:40 p.m. and I’m just now starting this blog post. Honestly, I got started and added all my photos in, and then got distracted and forgot! I’ve been busy working on making my 2019 calendar on Shutterfly, and forgot to finish my blog! So here’s a super fast recap of the day, filled with mostly photos…

And then I didn’t take any photos from 8-5pm…

In other news, it looks like my parents (Grammy & Pepaw), won favorite Christmas present, with this food truck. She’s obsessed!

And can we please talk about this little girls curly hair!?! I can’t even deal with it! It’s too cute!

They were both blowing on her food, trying to cool it down, since it was still so hot. She’s just too precious!

The next four photos came from her teachers in our parent portal app…

And to reminisce a little, here are my top 9 photos from last year, 2017. That was certainly a big year! In January 2017 we announced I was pregnant (top left). Then Emerson arrived smack dab in the middle of the year in July 2017 (top right). And by December 2017 we had an adorable 5-month-old baby (bottom right).

I haven’t shared my top 9 of 2018 yet, but I definitely will sometime this coming weekend, before 2019 hits! And now I’m going back to my calendar making… There’s a code for a free 8×11 wall calendar (JUSTFORYOU) in case any wants it, but it’s only good through tomorrow, so hurry!

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