Y’all know I love a pretty sky in the morning….

And check out this cutie in her overalls! When Meagan & Bo were here last night, Meg picked out her outfit for the day, and left it on the dresser for me. I was glad too, because I had forgotten about this one hanging up in the closet!

She’s just so stinking adorable in these overalls! I can’t get over it!

I was very productive on my lunch break today. I ran to Marshall’s for some Christmas shopping, and found lots of good stuff. I was able to cross a few more people.off my list, and now I just need a few more things for Emerson and the boys.

When I got to Growing Too today, Aunt Meggie had already “checked out” Emerson from her classroom, and they were walking out to meet me!

Emmie and I made a quick trip to TJ’s, where she ate a banana, and I grabbed bagels, cream cheese, and coffee creamer.

Then tonight at home we were kinda all over the place… Jeff was supposed to do some computer work for someone, but that guy needed to reschedule. But I had already picked up chicken parmesan and cheese tortellini from TJ’s for Emmie and I. Jeff can’t really eat too much red sauce (or anything acidic) due to acid reflux issues, so he grabbed Chick-fil-A for himself instead. But Emmie whined and cried at the dinner table, and just wanted to get down. But then she finally wanted to eat! So I took her little plate to the coffee table in the living room, and she ate so much! She was scooting around on her little toy, and would just scoot over for a bite every now and then. Man this kid is just so cute and funny!

Look at this bald tiny tot from last year!

And now look at this comparison collage my Mama made for me and Emmie, both wearing overalls. That was me, circa 1989, just rocking my 80’s overalls!

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