Deacon’s Christmas Banquet

The sky this morning was so colorful and pretty! this first picture was taken from the carport at our house, and the second one was from just down the street in our neighborhood. But the sky look beautiful the whole way to school this morning!

And Emerson was very interested in this book about colors and animals at drop-off.

And then she didn’t want Mommy to leave today! Normally, she’s perfectly fine when I leave, as long as her favorite teacher Ms. Q is there. But today, she kept grabbing on to my legs, and reaching up for me to pick her up. So of course I did, but then when I handed her over to Me. Q, she got so mad and was crying! She hardly ever does that! So that hurt my heart to leave her like that. But when I got to the front desk, Megan and I watched her classroom on the TV from the security camera for a bit, and she calmed down in just a minute or so. So I’m glad I knew she was fine before I left.

For lunch, I had leftover pot roast from my in-laws house last night, and read my library book.

And then after work, I decided to abandon the audio book I started late last week. My hold on this new one had finally come through after waiting a few weeks, and I just couldn’t get into the other one, so I decided to just call it quits! This new one is interesting so far, and I’m pretty excited about it.

After work, I picked up Emerson and came home like usual. And then Megan and Bo came over to our house to babysit Emerson while Jeff and I went to the Deacon’s Christmas banquet at church. They fed Emerson dinner while Jeff and I did a few last-minute things around the house, and got ready to leave. We got to hang out with her for just a few minutes before we had to head out. Then Megan and Bo took care of play time, bath time, and finally got her ready for bed time. (Side note – when do y’all think I should take down her birthday poster from July?)

If you ask Emerson, “where are your baby cousins?” she will walk over and points at Megan’s tummy! We’ve been trying to talk to her about the fact that she has baby cousins on the way, so she can get used to the idea of not being the only baby around. We think she might have trouble sharing all the attention!

The banquet tonight was really lovely. Our old-sanctuary-turned-fellowship-hall was decorated nice with beautiful flowers, and low mood lighting. My parents, aunt, uncle and grandmother actually all did the cooking for the evening. They made chicken tetrazzini with green beans and rolls, and it was delicious! (Stole this pic from my Uncle Keith – the man in the blue coat is Dr. Ezell.)

Dr. Kevin Ezell was our guest speaker, who is the President of the North American Mission board, and he was hilarious. He was also just a great speaker. We also sang a few carols together, led by our worship pastor and his acoustic guitar, and that was really special as well. It was just a good night with the deacons and all the wives.

And since speaker was from the NAMB (North American Mission Board) through the Southern Baptist Convention, which LifeWay is associated with, they sent us all home with a nice goodie bag of treats! (A couple books, a couple notebooks, a couple cups, and some informational literature.)

We stopped by Walmart afterwards to pick up dog food, and then headed on home. Emerson has been asleep since her normal bedtime of 7:30, but she’s been coughing a good bit. We don’t really want to wake her up to give her the usual Zarbee’s cough syrup, but we’ll just kind of play it by ear and see how she does. hopefully she can get some good rest, and wake up feeling better in the morning.

Huge thanks to Aunt Megan and Uncle Bo for being the best babysitters around! It’s easy to leave my girl in the hands of others, when I know that they love her just as much as we do, and will take great care of her!

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