Santa Fail, Round 2

While listening to Christmas music on the way to school today, I could hear Emmie just clapping along in the backseat when this song came on. I wish I could have seen her (we need to get a new backseat mirror), because I’m sure she was dancing! She absolutely loves music!

And she loved riding in her new big girl seat this morning! When we got to daycare, she even waved bye-bye to her seat!

Then she was ready for the day!

Until it was time to meet Santa again… If you missed it, my parents took her to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop over the weekend, and it did not go well. We thought it might work better today with my sister holding her, but apparently not! So it looks like we’re done with Santa this year.

Not to worry though, because she wasn’t upset for long. Megan took her on a little walk around the school, and they shared a banana, and then she took a ride on the buggy with her friends!

Y’all know about Chick-fil-A’s 12 Days of Christmas deals, right? My work friends Tammy, Toni & I ran out together to get our tree nuggets for lunch today, so I only paid $4.38 for my meal!

And then this afternoon was our Department-wide holiday party, which is just a giant room filled with a billion sweets. So we went down and filled up!

Look at my sweet girl napping at school today! She fell asleep with that little truck, and I about died when I saw the picture.

It was yuck & rainy all day, so of course I didn’t take the interstate like usual. And you know what, I think this way might actually have shaved a few minutes off my normal commute!? I’m gonna try it Monday to test it out again and compare.

While we waited for Daddy to get home, Emerson and I just had sweet play time together. She kept climbing in & out of her old car seat. Then I told her bring me her Christmas book from Grammy, and I was so impressed when she walked across the room & grabbed her Nativity book!

She kept checking out all the ornaments on the tree, and was being really good and gentle just touching all the lower ones. But she kept reaching up for this glittery cupcake one, that was a few inches higher than she could reach, and she just wanted it so badly! I finally gave in and took it down and gave it to her, since it’s just an inexpensive little styrofoam ornament. Then she toted it around for about 10 minutes and I finally had to pry it out of her hands to change her into her jammies. And she made this little reindeer hat at school this week!

We had a great night as a little 3-fam, and she was just being so dang cute & sweet! My heart is just so full and happy.

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