Big Girl Car Seat

Stopped to say good morning to Aunt Meggie (and the photo of Uncle Bo), on the way to her classroom before school.

And then she was so sweet and giving hugs to her little girlfriend!

Then she picked up this dinosaur, and roared! One of the other kids grabbed a dino too, and then he roared too. It was so cute and funny!

At work today, we all brought in potluck style snacks and food, and did a white elephant gift exchange.

This is the present I chose from under the tree, it was stolen from me once, but I was able to steal it back to keep it! Super soft blanket, funny coffee mug, and mug brownies! I love it!

I toted all my stuff this morning in my cute Vera Bradley penguin bag. (And those are my office Christmooses in the far corner.)

Ok, the next six photos are all from the parent app, that I forgot to share a few days, so only the first two are from today. In the first one, there was an owl on the railing, and all the kids were watching it! In the second, Emmie wanted to take selfies with her teacher, Ms. Q.

Emmie and one of her little boyfriends hugging on the playground the other day.

Fun at the rice table!

Last Friday, Amazon put a bunch of car seat stuff on sale as part of the 12 deals of Christmas. So we did some research and ordered Emerson a new big girl car seat, since she was still using her little infant carrier car seat. At 17 months, she finally was getting too big for her infant seat! We got a great deal on this seat, and it came in today. While I cooked dinner, Jeff got it unboxed and figured it all out. He already installed it in my car, so Emerson we’ll ride in it for the first time tomorrow. But of course she had to test it out tonight in the living room first!

We had breakfast for dinner again tonight, but this time with corned beef hash, scrambled eggs, bacon, and biscuits. Emerson ate really well, but her favorite thing was the grape jelly we put on her biscuit. She kept signing “more,” and ate quite a lot of biscuit! And since she was so sticky afterwards, we did bath time right away.

She was super tired as usual, so after we got her in her jammies, she drink her milk, and was ready to go right to sleep. I came back out to work on the dishes, and got everything cleaned up.

A few days ago, I got this new cleaner, that everyone on the internet just raves it out. If you’re part of the Tally mom’s group on Facebook, you’ve probably seen posts from women asking for cleaning tips, and this product is always highly recommended. It only cost a few dollars, so I figured I’d go ahead and try it out. It’s a powdery substance you shake on, and then scrub off, very similar to Comet. I used it tonight on our ceramic stove top, and stainless steel sink, and it worked really well on both surfaces. I’m planning to clean our bathroom sink with it tomorrow. Our bathroom sink is in really bad shape though, since it’s 60 year old porcelain, and we have hard water, that stains really bad. But even if it only helps some, that’ll still be better than none!

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